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Water SpeakersMusic is the soul of life. Its rhythmic tunes, soulful poetry, and heart-wrenching depth perfectly portray the beauty of human emotions. But to enjoy this amazing art you need to have quality speakers that can create the required mood to enjoy its depth. The mesmerizing display of water dancing to the tunes of music can greatly intensify this speaker and add a funky style to your surroundings. A quality water speaker would not only sate your ears but would also create a visual display that intensifies the experience even further. Below we would be reviewing some of the best water speakers that the market has to offer in 2016.

The Ratings of this article would concentrate on connectivity, price, quality, and the features of the speakers. The Amazon reviews and the consumer experience would also be taken into account to make the review more relevant. Reading this comprehensive review would help you make a perfect choice when it comes to Water Speakers. Before we go in the detailed review of different product it is hight time to communicate some beautiful aspects of having a water speaker as your primary music consumption device.

  • Music is an inclusive experience that is heavily dependent upon the ambiance. The greatest piece of music can sound bland in poor ambiance while a simple melody can have a great impact in the right ambiance. Water speakers help create that funky ambiance that creates impact in the music.
  • Water speakers provide a visual connection to the music that keeps your visual as well mental attention directed towards the music.
  • Different connectivity options provided in top rated water speakers can add convenience to your music.
  • It is a cheap and convenient option of enjoying different genres of music while earning some style points to impress your friends.

#6 AGS Third Generation Water Speaker Black

AGS Third Generation Water Speaker BlackAGS provides you with the most basic form of water speakers at a very cheap price. Its sleek and eye-catching design makes it a perfect choice to grace your home. Enjoy the rhythmic display of water fountains as they dance to your favorite tunes. The high-quality speakers have the ability to create an authentic sound that would enhance your listening experience tenfold. The speakers contain six multi-color LED lights that collude to create a display that would leave you wanting more. Get the full control over your speakers with high quality Volume, power and LED lamp controls. AGS is considered to be one of the best Water speakers for iPhone.

AGS provides immense support and connectivity with the help of 3.5mm audio jack compatible with all major sound systems, Smartphone, and computers. Cheap price, compact look, and authentic sound have landed these amazing speakers at 6th position in our list. It has also received a reputable 3.3 stars on Amazon despite having hundreds of purchases.

#5 Lightahead Third Generation Water Dancing Speakers

Lightahead Third Generation Water Dancing SpeakersThe users put a lot of importance on the visual display of the water speakers. A quality water fountain display can add that wow factor, which attracts music lovers across the globe.  When it comes to perfect visual display then no other speaker can compare with amazing colors and quality of this product. Lightahead water speakers use six multi-colored LEDs that work in tandem to create an alluring display that you would not be able to avert your eyes from. The sleek modernistic look lends a visual impact to these amazing Water Speakers. USB power lends these speakers a diversity that every user seeks.

Lightahead relies on standard 3.5mm jack to connect with all the major devices. The authenticity of the sound produced by these amazing speakers adds to their repute and makes them a perfect choice for any casual music fan. Lightahead’s distinct design and good quality sound have earned it 5th position on our list. The Amazon buyers have granted it a satisfactory 3.3-star rating and a horde of satisfactory comments.

#4 DE Dancing Water Speakers

DE Dancing Water SpeakersGazing at the mesmerizing display of lights dancing at the core of water of speakers is one of the most calming experiences that you can enjoy in your lives. This particular brand is known for its funky classical look and astounding beauty. The beautiful blocky shape lends it a trendy look that would look perfect on your desk. The high-quality LED lights create a visual treat that you would never tire of. The deep rich sounds produced by this amazing water speaker add to its appeal. With these amazing speakers you would get added convenience due to its highly compatible 3.5mm audio jack. The added connectivity of mini USB makes them convenient for use with Laptops as well.

DE has created a brand of water speakers that are perfect for all kinds of devices as long as they have an Audio jack or USB support. Its trendy look, quality performance, cheap price, and amazing quality of visual display have landed it as 4th position in your list. The Amazon buyers have also lauded the performance of these compact water speakers with a 3.5 stars rating.

#3 ECVISION illuminated Fountain Water Speakers

ECVISION illuminated Fountain Water SpeakersTouted as the best quality Water Speakers on the market, ECVISION packs all the key features that one could desire in their sound system. Capability of producing crisp and authentic sounds paired with striking visual display this handy set of speakers provide a new and improved way of enjoying music. Compatible with all major Smartphone, tablets, PC, and music players these amazing speakers would keep you entertained no matter what device you rely upon. ECVISION has maintained its legacy of quality with these amazing water speakers. The high quality of plant oil is used in these speakers to add more visual impact to the dancing water fountains.

With 3.6 stars rating ECVISION is one of the most popular water speakers on Amazon. Great performance, durable design, and high quality of sound have made it the 3rd best-ranked water speaker on our list.

#2 SoundSOUL LED Dancing Water Speakers

SoundSOUL LED Dancing Water SpeakersIt is a feat unto itself to have thousands of reviews and still maintain a rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon. The popularity and satisfaction of users on Amazon are testament to the high quality and unique performance of SoundSoul Water Speakers. Aux cable provides these speakers with a universal connectivity that every user desires. No matter what device you rely on to play your music these amazing water speakers would come handy in all situations. Some of the key features that set this product apart from all the competition include the perfect display of dancing water fountains, compact design, and universal connectivity.

All of these features have boosted SoundSoul to 2nd position on our list. The slew of features packed in these compact little speakers make them one of the most popular water speakers currently selling online. The 4 LEDs would create a mesmerizing show that significantly enhances your listening experience while adding a cool funk to your desk.

#1 Pixnor Bluetooth LED Dancing Water Mini Speakers

Pixnor Bluetooth LED Dancing Water Mini SpeakersWhen it comes to connectivity nothing can beat the Bluetooth support of Pixnor Dancing Water Speakers. Bluetooth opens a new dimension of connectivity providing the users with unmatched convenience. The clever design of Pixnor carries an exemplary status in the world of Water Speakers. Bluetooth Connectivity, USB, and AUX support are some of the features of Pixnor that open a completely new world of music to the users. It would be difficult to find any other water speaker on the market that carries such diversity, features, and quality, which have become standard for Pixnor Water Speakers. Wireless connectivity feature makes these amazing speakers a perfect choice for enjoying music on your Smartphone, and laptop.

The Impactful sound that Pixnor water speakers can produce is impossible to be replicated by another product on the market. Pixnor is the king of the hill when it comes to Water Speakers. Android devices, IOS smartphones or Laptops running windows; Pixnor speakers are perfect for all of them. All of these feature combine together to help Pixnor attain the top spot on our list.