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Top 10 Best Coffee Makers for 2017

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Top 10 Best Coffee Makers for 2017Nothing can be better than a hot and delicious cup of coffee in morning to make you fresh for the day. Now, there are several types of coffee makers available like Single Serve coffee makers, Espresso Machines, Drip Coffee makers, etc. Single-Serve machines are the best for people on-the-go who prefer brewing one cup of coffee at a time. Espresso machines are costlier when compared to other units due to the pump assembly integrated into them. The best espresso coffee machine should be one that produces a rich and thick cream on top of the espresso shot. Drip coffee makers use a heating system to heat water and then pass it through ground coffee via a filter and then into the carafe.


Things to consider before buying a Coffee Maker:

  • Brew Capacity: If you are seeking a coffee maker for an office or huge family, then consider a coffeemaker with a higher capacity of brewing cups. Many of the below-given coffeemakers can brew about 12 cups of coffee at a time while some can brew 4 cups. There are few exclusive coffeemaker models that have a 2-in-1 design with both Single Serve and Carafe Brewing options.


  • Water Filters: Water filters like charcoal filter or gold tone filter generally enrich the taste of the coffee by eradicating the amount of chlorine in the water. It will provide you with purely filtered water, further producing a richer and flavourful cup of coffee. Permanent filters will eventually eliminate the need to use messy paper filters, hence saving cost. However, they also demand timely maintenance.


  • Features: A coffeemaker that allows you to set automatic shut-off or advanced-brew time options is certainly useful and perfect for people who want to wake up to a hot and fresh cup of coffee. The ‘Brew Strength’ feature allows you set the intensity of your coffee, from regular to bold. Some coffee makers also have temperature settings for you to select the level from low, medium, or high as you like your coffee. Coffee machine with grinder inbuilt is certainly a bonus for people who love to use freshly ground coffee as they like.


  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty provided for the coffee maker will ensure its high performance and durability. Even if some defects occur, you can rest assured that the unit will be repaired or replaced within the warranty period.


  • Accessories: The accessories provided with the coffee maker are certainly an additional benefit and enhance the experience of enjoying your coffee. Make sure to look for included accessories like a carafe, water filters, frothing wands (for espresso machines), inbuilt coffee grinder, drip tray, warming plate, K-cup pods (for K-cup brewers), etc. Most machines come with a glass carafe but Thermal carafes are more durable.

Comparison Table:

Coffee Makers Amazon Ratings
Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker 3.6 out of 5 stars
Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Coffee machine 3.8 out of 5 stars
Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Brewer 3.8 out of 5 stars
Bonavita Coffeemaker with 8-Cup Carafe 4.0 out of 5 stars
BLACK+DECKER Brew ‘n Go Coffee machine 4.1 out of 5 stars
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee machine 4.2 out of 5 stars
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Brewer 4.2 out of 5 stars
Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffeemaker 4.2 out of 5 stars
Hamilton Beach 2-Way Coffeemaker 4.3 out of 5 stars
Cuisinart Brew Central Coffeemaker 4.3  out of 5 stars


Top 10 Best Coffee Makers for 2017:

  1. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker:

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable CoffeemakerFeaturing a highly contemporary design, Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Brewer serves rich coffee through the glass carafe provided. It has a ‘Set Delay’ Control Button provided so that you can set the timer beforehand and wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The ‘Fresh Brew Timer’ checks the freshness of the coffee from the time it has been brewed to ensure that each time you are served with fresh coffee. ‘Brew Strength’ can be set as Strong or Regular as per your desired intensity of coffee. This 12-Cup Coffeemaker automatically shuts off if it senses 2 hours of inactivity, hence, saving power. This unit is compatible with a thermal carafe, which can be bought separately if you want. The Auto Pause feature lets you pour a cup of coffee before the machine ends the brewing process. Integrated water filtration system efficiently removes 97% of chlorine from water, serving you with best and rich tasting coffee. All these features make it one of the Top rated coffee makers.


  1. Cuisinart Programmable Coffee machine 12-Cup:

Cuisinart Programmable Coffee machine 12-CupCuisinart offers this fully automatic coffee machine with a large double-wall stainless steel thermal carafe that can capably brew about 5 ounces (12 cups) of hot coffee. With a Patented Brew-Through and Pour-Through Lid, this carafe completely blocks out air from entering, therefore, sealing the flavor as well as keeping the coffee hot and fresh. You do not need to open or adjust the lid whatsoever. It can be programmed 24 hours in advance to serve you a fresh cup of coffee whenever you please. It makes a ‘beep’ sound whenever the brewing is done and the unit automatically shuts off to save power. The Brew Pause feature of this coffee maker allows you to pour a cup of coffee even while the unit is still brewing. The Filter Basket can be swung open to insert the coffee filter and the water window shows the water level inside, for your suitability.


  1. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Brewer:

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee BrewerWith this Hamilton Beach Digital Coffee maker, you can brew about 12 coffee cups instantly and set the brewing strength options as bold or regular. The convenient easy-to-access design featuring a wheeled base allows for quick and easy filling of the removable water reservoir. It also has 1-4 cup options for the quick brewing of a few cups as and when needed. This unit comes with a programmable timer and automatically shuts off when it senses 2 hours of idleness. The brew basket has a release button and a swing-out type of design for handy use. With stainless steel accents, this best coffee machine is quite cheaply priced just $40. The unit also features a non-stick warmer plate to serve you with hot coffee whenever you like.


  1. Bonavita Coffeemaker with 8-Cup Carafe:

Bonavita Coffeemaker with 8-Cup CarafeWith the Bonavita Coffee Brewer, you can proficiently brew about 8-cups of coffee with the Thermal Carafe provided and it has a one-touch operation for your convenienceOffice coffee machines.







  1. BLACK+DECKER Brew ‘n Go Coffee machine:

BLACK+DECKER Brew 'n Go Coffee machineBLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker proficiently and quickly brews about 15 ounces of coffee in just a few minutes directly into the travel mug. This travel mug is constructed from stainless steel to keep your coffee warm for a long time and features a tapered design to effortlessly fit into the cup holders of vehicles. This coffee machine is equipped with a permanent filter and a removable filter basket; hence, you can quit using those messy disposable paper filters. Featuring a one-touch operation, this design is best for people who travel often. Some other remarkable features of this unit include automatic shut off, a mug lid to prevent the coffee from spilling, rubber handle on the mug for a secure grip, and a 1-year warranty period against faults. It is a very cheap coffee maker for 2016-2017 worth just $20.


  1. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee machine:

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee machineFeaturing the exclusive easy-to-clean Gold Tone filter, Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffeemaker is one of the simplest and most expedient coffee maker, perfect for use in homes and offices. This Gold Tone mesh will enrich the taste of the coffee as it retains the coffee bean oils and enhances the brewing time. It is a permanent and refillable filter, hence eliminating the need to use messy paper filters. With the Pause ‘N Serve feature, you can easily pour yourself a cup of coffee while the coffee is still being brewed. The removable filter basket with a lift-up design allows a quick and easy cleaning. The transparent dual water window in the water reservoir allows you to see the water level for easy filling. An indicator light on the switch panel will let you know whether the machine is ON or OFF.  This affordable, elegant, and petite design makes it the best coffee machine for home use.


  1. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Brewer:

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable BrewerConstructed with a very simple and stylish design, this Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker can brew about 4 cups (5 ounces each) of rich-tasting coffee instantly. Its removable filter basket can be lifted for a quick and easy cleaning. The Pause N Serve feature allows you to pour a cup of fresh coffee before the brewing cycle is completed. The indicator light above the ON/OFF control buttons will let you know whether the machine is operating or not. With see-through windows on both sides of the water tank, you can easily check the water level and fill it up as required without overfilling. This coffeemaker can be programmed 24 hours in advance with the help of the ‘Set Delay’ control button so that you can wake up to a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee. All these features and its nifty design make it one of the Top coffee makers.


  1. Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffeemaker:

Keurig K55 Single Serve CoffeemakerEquipped with easy-to-understand button controls, the Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffeemaker brews several K-Cup pod sizes like 6, 8, or 10 oz. The removable water reservoir has the capacity to hold about 48 ounces of water; hence, it does not demand frequent refills. This easy-to-operate machine just needs you to insert a K-cup pod, choose your preferred brew quantity and the coffee is brewed within one minute. A removable drip tray captures all the drips and can be easily cleaned; it also enables you to use large cups or traveling mugs. The Auto-off feature turns off the coffeemaker 90 seconds after brewing to save power. For a rich cup of coffee, the K-cup pods are brewed at an optimal temperature and pressure level by the heater. Indicator lights on the control panel guide you through the ongoing brewing process. The product comes with 4 K-cup pods, 2 water filters, and a water filter handle for your suitability. Obtaining an Amazon rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars through more than 6200 reviews, the Keurig K55 is the best single cup coffee maker.

  1. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Coffeemaker:

Hamilton Beach 2-Way CoffeemakerThe innovative 2-Way design of the Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker features a Single Cup Brewer as well as a Full 12-cup Glass Carafe Coffee maker. The ‘Single Serve’ side of the unit has a standard-sized water tank for quick filling as required, whereas the ‘Carafe’ side of the unit has a large-sized water reservoir with filling markings for brewing several cups at a time. The ‘Single Serve’ side is also equipped with a brew basket having mesh filter to accommodate ground coffee or soft pods. This side has a multilevel cup rest that can be adjusted for all cup or mug sizes to fit effortlessly. The Brew Options allow you to select the strength of coffee as Regular or Bold. The ‘Carafe’ side of the brewer has a non-stick warming plate to serve you a hot cup of coffee whenever desired. This unit can be programmed 24 hours beforehand for getting a hot cup of coffee just when you wake up. Also, the programmable timer can be set to automatically shut the machine off after 2 hours of inactivity. Made from stainless steel, the Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer is quite durable and graceful in looks. This unique 2-in-1 design makes it the Best one cup coffee maker.

  1. Cuisinart Brew Central Coffeemaker:

Cuisinart Brew Central CoffeemakerThe brushed metal design of this Cuisinart Coffeemaker makes it look elegant and will certainly enhance the look of any pantry. It comes with 12-cup carafe integrated with an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip while pouring the coffee without causing spills. Its amazing feature ‘Brew Pause’ allows you to pour your cup of coffee before the brewing cycle ends. The heater plate’s temperature can be adjusted to be low, medium or high as per your requirement. This unit can be fully programmed with 24 hours advanced settings and automatic shut-off options between 0 to 4 hours. It also has brewing option of 1-4 cups for a quick serving for less than 5 members. This Cuisinart Brewer comes with a permanent gold tone filter and a charcoal filter to produce the richest taste of coffee. With Brushed chrome exterior, this unit looks quite decent and has an easy-to-understand control panel. The Cuisinart Brewer is the Best home coffee maker, rated about 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon through more than 4600 reviews.