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Schwinn A20 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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This Schwinn A20 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review is based on a great exercise bike from one of the biggest and most well known brands in this industry. Schwinn is known for their high end and expensive products – however the A20 seems to take a slight step back from this as it comes in with a much more modest price tag. Even with a reduced price tag, the features which are offered by the A20 seems to remain on par with the features offered in more expensive Schwinn exercise bikes. For a detailed list of all of the features which this bike offers as well as a complete review of the Schwinn A20, please be sure to read on.

Key Features of the Schwinn A20

The video which I’ve chosen to use as an introduction to this Schwinn exercise bike actually comes directly from Schwinn themselves. It’s a behind the scenes look at a photo shoot which was used during the advertising of this product. Therea’s a narrator who talks you through many of the key features which the bike has to offer and you also get to see the bike in action. All in all I think it’s the perfect introduction to this review and I hope you enjoy it. Just below the video you’ll find a full list of detailed features which this exercise bike has to offer. Then, below the features you’ll find a complete review of this product.


Schwinn A20 Recumbent Exercise Bike


  • Recumbent Design. This is a recumbent exercise bike which comes with an eddy current resistance system.
  • Work Out Options. There are several different programs and resistance levels to choose from when it comes time for your exercise session. There are 8 resistance levels of increasing difficulty as well as 6 preset work out programs and 1 quick start / manual program.
  • Clever LCD Console. This clever console is essentially the brain of the whole machine and tracks important stats throughout your work out such as time, RPM, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance level, and course profile. These are all important and useful stats to have available during your work out.
  • Heart Rate Monitor. There are sensors installed in both of the grip handles which are used to monitor your heart rate. All you have to do is take hold of the handles and your heart rate will appear on the central console display.
  • Supportive Seat. This is very important because it mean s that your back is supported as you work out – contrast this with the back breaking sessions which you have had on a traditionally shaped exercise bike. This seat also comes with a two position lumbar support and is of course adjustable.
  • Step Through Frame. This design of frame is very common with recumbent bikes and it means that you can get and off this bike very easily. This will be very beneficial to anyone who is trying to recover from an injury but who still wants to work out.
  • Additional Features.There are some other somewhat peripheral features which are also included in with the Schwinn A20;
    • Reading Rack.
    • Bottle Holder.
    • Fan Built into Console.
    • Transport Wheels.
    • Warranty. Should you choose to buy this exercise bike from Amazon then you will of course be covered by their outstanding customer support services who will help you out with any immediate problems should they arise. Also included is a 2 year warranty on the frame and a 6 month warranty on parts and electronics, both from Schwinn.


A Schwinn A20 Review

The first thing which I’m going to mention in this Schwinn A20 Review – and which I mention first and foremost in most of these exercise bike reviews – is the general reaction of the customers on Amazon to this bike. At the time of writing there had been a total of 125 reviews and ratings which were left by these customers. Of these 125 customers an impressive 108 opted to grant this Schwinn exercise bike either a 4 or a 5 star review. Clearly, this is a very popular and satisfying product which customers have been very happy with so let’s move along to discuss some of the more specific points about this bike.

I think that the next thing which I’ve mentioned after the general customer reaction in every review so far has been how easy or difficult it is to assemble the exercise bike in question. But as I keep saying – this is of course very important because if you can’t assemble it then you can’t use it at all! Customers have said that there aren’t all that many parts and it’s not too difficult at all to assemble this bike. What helps with this is the fact that you also get a detailed set of instruction from Schwinn and also all of the tools which you will need to use throughout the assembly process. Customers have said that this bike takes about an hour to assemble if you’re alone but having another person around would really make the process a whole lot quicker and easier.

The preset work out programs seem to be very popular with the customers on Amazon indeed. There has been much praise of the programs as they really are challenging and also are very useful for adding a bit of variety to your workout routine. The programs are pretty flexible and tend to go through a warm up phase and then an intense workout session. However if at any time you feel that the work out is a little too intense then you can simply manually lower the resistance a little lower so you can keep that burn going for a little long. One thing is for certain – whether you want an excruciatingly tough session, a somewhat low intensity session, or anything in between then the A20 can definitely fit your needs.

There are a few of the smaller features which I feel merit mentioning in this Schwinn A20 Review, but not really for the right reasons. The built-in fan and the book holder are sort of gimmicky and don’t really work all that well – and by that I mean the book holder won’t really hold the pages of the book open as the lip is pretty small and the fan doesn’t really have any benefit whatsoever unless you get your face to within about two inches of it. This is somewhat unfortunate because these would be useful features – however it is important to remember that these are also peripheral features and so the lack of quality here won’t really affect the rest of the exercise bike.

The A20 is very well designed and seems to be very durable for the most part according to the reports of customers in their reviews. If you take care with your assembly then this bike should last you for a very long time. Two design features which really do make a huge difference are the adjustable seat with lumbar support and the walk through design. Not only do these make the machine easier to use in general but also these two features will mean that people who are trying to still get exercise while recovering from an injury won’t have to over exert themselves as they get on or off this exercise bike.

Now I reach the part of this Schwinn A20 Review that I’ve been dreading – the cons section. It has been reported by a handful of customers that after 4 or 5 months the whole fly wheel section of the bike starts to break down. This is a very small minority of cases but I felt that the problem should be noted nonetheless as it shows some flaws in terms of the quality of this A20 line of exercise bikes. You would have to be very unlucky to be affected by this problem – but if it should happen within your warranty period then you can simply return the bike for a refund or replacement. If you do this, I would recommend doing it through Amazon as I have heard through reviews of other products that the Schwinn customer support is truly terrible and may as well not exist because it is a very rare occurrence that a member of staff actually answers your call.

I’m going to conclude this review by saying that while this isn’t the most expensive Schwinn exercise bike available it seems to have still helped many customers to achieve their ongoing fitness goals. However, the quality issues mentioned above are somewhat of a concern – as I said you are unlikely to be affected by them as these defects only occur in a small number of units but it is wise to be aware of the risk before making your purchase. At this price, I think you’re just about getting what you paid for and if you’re looking for a mid range exercise machine that won’t empty your wallet entirely then you should definitely put some serious thought into purchasing the Schwinn A20.


Best Place to Buy the Schwinn A20

Without a doubt the best place to purchase this exercise bike is definitely from Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services combined with their cheap shipping options and frequent discount deals means that they simply can’t be beaten.