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Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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This Schwinn 240 Recumbent Bike Review is based on a great exercise bike which is made by one of the most popular manufacturers in this industry and definitely one who is seen as delivering premium products to its customers. This exercise bike is extremely adjustable and so it should just about suit anyone – even people who are recovering from injury. There is a huge number of features included which is one of the reasons that price is somewhat higher than average – you really get all the bells and whistles with this model! For full details about all of the features which this Schwinn exercise bike has to offer as well as a complete review please be sure to read on.

Key Features of the Schwinn 240

What I like to do at the very start of any review is to try and find a video which gives a quick overview of the product in question for you (the reader). I find that it helps to have a little bit of base knowledge about a product before you dive into a full review about it! The video which I’ve found for today actually seems to have been made by Schwinn themselves so it would perhaps be wise to be wary of some level of bias. However, it does give you a good look at the product and mentions many of the main features which it offers, although sadly we don’t get to see it in action. Below the video you’ll find a full list of detailed features as well as a complete review.

  • Solid Construction. This is a recumbent bike which is very well made and which includes a 20 pound fly wheel which allows for true road feel workouts which are smooth and consistently as challenging as you want them to be. This is all thanks to the 16 different resistance levels which ensure that you’ll always have another level of difficulty to jump to should you feel that you’re not being worked hard enough.
  • An Amazing Workout. As well as the different resistance levels which I mentioned above, the Schwinn 240 also comes fully loaded with 17 different exercise programs which means that you won’t be getting bored from the same old routine over and over again. These include things such as 8 different course profiles, a target heart rate program, and 2 user profiles with custom workouts.
  • Backlit Control Panel. The control panel on this Schwinn bike is fantastically easy to use and allows you to quickly set up the bike before beginning your work out. As well as this, it also tracks many important statistics throughout your workout such as distance, calories, details about your current program, and so on.
  • Telemetry Enabled. A very useful feature which is included is a monitor inside the hand grip which monitors your heart rate. Literally all you have to do is put your hands on the grips and it will display your current heart rate – which as I mentioned above is used in some of the exercise programs. As well as being used within some of the programs, your heart rate is of course a very important statistic and it’s great to be able to monitor it during a workout.
  • Ergonomic Seat. The seat on this Schwinn exercise bike is designed to be comfortable so as to avoid back pain or other problems like this. The seat is fully adjustable and also includes a dual position lumbar support to ensure that you don’t experience any back pain or other discomfort.
  • Ease of Use. The Schwinn 240 features a walk through frame which means you’ll no longer have to awkwardly swing your leg over the seat of an exercise bike – simply walk through it and sit down. Not only does this make it easier in general to get onto the bike, but it also means that people who are recovering from injuries will be able to get on this bike without excessive effort. Another aspect which makes this a very versatile exercise bike is just how adjustable it is – both the handle bars and the console are also fully adjustable.


A Schwinn 240 Review

I shall start off this Schwinn 240 Review as I usually like to by talking about the general reaction of the customers on Amazon to this exercise bike. At the time of writing there were a total of 329 reviews and ratings which were left by the people who have purchased this bike. Of these 329 customers an impressive 280 deemed that this Schwinn exercise bike was worthy of either a 4 or a 5 star review. This means that a fairly high proportion of the customers thought that this was a really fantastic product so let’s move along with the review and talk a little bit more about why that is.

The next thing which I think is important to mention early in any exercise bike review is how easy or difficult the bike is to assemble – because no matter how amazing an exercise bike is once it’s assembled, it’s essentially useless if you can’t manage to get it assembled. Thankfully the vast majority of the customers have had very little complaints in regard to the assembly. There have been a few people who have mentioned that the instructions are somewhat difficult to follow and could do with being improved with more details added. However, everyone seems to have managed to get it assembled successfully nonetheless so the instructions can’t be that bad!

This bike is quite big in comparison to some other bikes out there but you shouldn’t let that intimidate you as it’s really no more difficult to assemble – most of the customers seem to have managed to get it assembled in about 1.5-2 hours. One more thing to note is that the packaged weight is quite heavy so you should probably get some help while carrying it into your house.

I’m glad to say next of all in this Schwinn 240 Exercise Bike Review that once you get this bike assembled it really is a breeze to use. As you probably read in my features list above there is a great choice of different exercise programs – some more challenging than others! You also get the user profiles which will track your progress. All of this is very easy to understand and work with thanks to the intuitive design of the console. Not only does the design of the console make it very easy to get set up on this bike but it’s also incredibly useful for tracking all of the statistics throughout your workout. Some of the cheaper exercise bikes don’t feature this at all so it’s a nice change to see just how good this Schwinn 240 console really is.

I think a little more discussion in terms of the different exercise programs which are available is in order. They’re each fantastic in their own way and what I find really appealing about the choice of programs is that you’ll never get fed up with the same old routine and can choose a workout program based on your current needs or wants. Let’s say that you only have a short period of time to work out in – then choose one of the quicker but more intense programs. Or perhaps you want a change and feel like working towards maintaining a target heart rate level for a certain amount of time rather than working out based on distance travelled or calories burned. All of these different options are available and whichever you choose there is one thing for sure and that is that you will be pushed as hard as you want to be by this exercise bike and won’t get off it feeling as if you haven’t gotten a good workout.

Something else which I’d like to just quickly slot in here in this review is a few notes about the seat and the general design of the bike. The whole exercise bike is really easy to adjust and no matter how big or small you are you shouldn’t have any issues using this bike with ease. However, another aspect which I like is how well this bike caters for people out there who are recovering from some sort of injury. The walk through frame, the high levels of adjustability, and of course the general recumbent design makes this a near perfect choice for people who still want to work out but who are also recovering from an injury.

There are now unfortunately a few cons to mention in this Schwinn 240 Review – always my least favourite section of a review but it must be done! Some of the customer reviews have mentioned a sub-par level of quality – and I was very surprised to read this considering the premium price tag and image which is portrayed by Schwinn. There are complains in terms of quality are often about some particular part of the bike breaking down after a short period of time – however these bikes are self assembled and so many of these cases are undoubtedly over eager customers who have miss-assembled their bikes. There is a more serious failure however and this is the console – the console is essentially the brain of the whole bike which controls all of the settings and so it’s a vital component. Should your console fail you can simply get a replacement from Amazon and it should also be noted that these console failures are experienced by a very small number of customers.

Another negative thing which I must mention here is that there are many reviews which are riddled with complaints about the Schwinn customer support services – there are even some horror stories about customers who have been left on hold for up to 6 hours with no response. In short, I wouldn’t even bother calling the Schwinn customer support and instead just stick to Amazon.

I will conclude this Schwinn 240 Review by saying that this is definitely not a cheap exercise bike but also one which seems to deliver exceptionally well and this is certainly backed up by the sheer number of positive reviews which the customers on Amazon have left. However it should be noted that there have been complaints about sub-par levels of quality and shoddy customer support. I should expect a much better customer support service considering the price of this premium product. Definitely a great exercise bike but you should be aware of the fact that should you have any problems you’re best off just dealing with the Amazon customer support services – because to be honest, they’re fantastic.


Best Place to Buy the Schwinn 240 Recumbent Bike

Without a doubt the best place to purchase this exercise bike is definitely from Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services combined with their cheap shipping options and frequent discount deals means that they simply can’t be beaten.