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Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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The Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike is a popular 2010 model from Schwinn. Although this model is already two years old, it is still one of the best sellers among the various brands of upright exercise bikes at Amazon. I have written this Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike review after doing much research on this machine. Read on to find out why this bike is still so popular.

Many reviewers are happy with the customer service support provided by Schwinn. Delivery was prompt. The bike will usually arrive within 3 to 5 days upon order.

Although the assembly instructions were not as clear as expected, many buyers still managed to get the bike up and running within 1 hour. A female reviewer with manicured nails did it within 1.5 hours without chipping any of her polish. So you can imagine how easy it is to put this machine together.


There is a very well taken video presentation on the features of the Schwinn 140 bike. You may want to Click on the image below to watch it on Amazon first before reading through my detailed Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike Review.


Resistance Level

The Schwinn 140 bike provides a 16 level resistant system.

The resistance is great. Typically users will need only up to level 12 to experience a good workout. At this level, the machine provides slightly more resistance than riding an actual bike on the lowest gear on a flat road.

Switching between resistance levels is both gentle and smooth. It can be easily done via the “Increase” or “Decrease” buttons located on the console.

As the brake resistance system is implemented using Eddy Current, no parts in the resistance system ever touches one another. Therefore you can’t really find any wear and tear on the system. Compare to using braking pads, eddy current system is easier for the user as no maintenance is required.

Display Console

The Schwinn 140 bike shows all the vital statistics on the display console, including program, speed, power, time, calories burned, distance, resistance level, profile and pulse.

The console has two columns of control buttons and indicators, with a centre piece display unit.

Please note that there is no ON/OFF switch for the console. It will be powered up once it is plugged into a power source, any button is pushed, or if it receives an indication from the RPM sensor as a result of pedalling the machine. If the console does not receive any input within 5 minutes, it will automatically shut off. Very smart indeed! The LCD display is off while in Sleep Mode.

There are many positive feedbacks on the console. It looks and feels like “high-end”. Its extra large backlit LCD with multi-coloured brickyard display allows easy readability.

However, a few users have difficulties reading the display. Unless looking at it from a perfect angle, all the numbers look like they are all lighted up (i.e. 12:34 looks like 88:88). It is difficult to angle the display far enough forward to see the correct numbers easily. For taller users, you may need to sit back to read it clearly. One user fixed the problem by simply removing the back bolt securing the back end of the display and then tilted the back up even further so it looked much better.

There is an interesting feature on the display that impresses some users. Occasionally, some messages will scroll across the top of the display to tell you to hydrate yourself, take deep breaths, etc. This is quite thoughtful of the designer, which makes the whole workout more enjoyable just by watching the info.

Comfort Level

This upright exercise bike is extremely quiet and comfortable as well.

Many users have feedback that the seat is big and comfortable enough for a good workout. However, a handful of the users also mentioned that the seat is too big for them, and it could be better if it is a bit smaller.

After writing exercise bikes reviews for so many different types and models, I have learnt one thing; bicycle seat will never fit everybody no matter how good the design and quality is. This is because everybody has a different size and contour of the hip area, and there is no single seat that can make everybody happy. So my suggestion is not to change out the original seat immediately. Try it out for a few workouts, and then decide if you really need to change it or to use a Schwinn pillow top.

The pedals are oversized, ergonomically designed, and uses a dual density material. This allows your foot to rest comfortably on the pedals when cycling away.

The design of the Schwinn 140 bike was made to cater to people with different built and sizes. Take note that if you are taller than 6’2” or heavier than 300 lbs, this machine may not be suitable for you. One user with a height of 6’0” tall mentioned that his knees are only an inch or two away from the handle bars when he is riding.

Both the seat and handle bars can be adjusted to make sure you are comfortably in the correct position for the exercise.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Schwinn 140 Upright Bike comes with a built-in heart rate monitor. It can read off signals directly from the Contact Heart Rate sensors located at the handle bars. It can also read telemetry signals from a Heart Rate Chest Strap Transmitter.

Important point to note here is that the chest strap transmitter used MUST be Polar compatible. This is not mentioned at all in the Remote Heart Rate Monitor section of the user manual, but it is mentioned in the Troubleshooting section. So good luck for those who did not read the Troubleshooting section of the manual. Although it did not mention if it needs Coded or Non-coded transmitter, I highly suspect that it should be a Non-coded transmitter. The Schwinn 250 is using non-coded, and I am quite sure the Schwinn 140 is similar as well.

A user compared the pulse measurements taken by the Contact Heart Rate sensors and also taken in parallel using a BP/pulse monitor. Both readings were very close. Therefore we can be confident that the heart rate monitor in this bike is accurate.

There are some feedbacks that the telemetry for the heart rate monitor works only sporadically. The Polar heart rate monitor that is supposed to be compatible with this bike, but it only works maybe one out of every five times.

Preset Programs

There are a total of 8 pre-programmed course profiles that comes with the Schwinn 140. You can also easily program your own custom workout. On top of that, there are three specific programs that have been pre-programmed:

Heart Rate Control program

This is specifically targeted for heart rate cardio workouts. It lets you set a heart rate goal for your workout. This program monitors your heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) from the Contact Heart Rate (CHR) sensors on the machine or from a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) chest strap.

Fitness test program

The Fitness Test Program measures your current physical fitness level and tracks improvements. The test compares your power output (in Watts) with your heart rate. As you improve in your fitness, you will produce more power (Watts) at a given heart rate.

Distance goal program

This is a simple and straight forward program that allows you to set the total Distance and Pacer Speed for your workout.

The Schwinn 140 is one of the two models in the upright exercise bike category that comes with the Schwinn Advantage feature. This feature is awesome. It automatically records your workout results in your user profile, and lets you track your fitness progress and edit data.

When you are setting up a custom workout, it appears rather slow and as though nothing is happening. But in fact, the computer is programming all your inputs. So be patient as you customize it and you will see that it is working right.


The Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bikes measures 42 (L) X 21 (W) X 52 (H) inches, and weighs 88 pounds. It is one of the heaviest among Schwinn’s series of upright bikes.

It allows maximum user weight of up to 275 Ibs.

Additional Features

This machine allows for very easy adjustments for just about every aspect of the bike. In addition to the usual adjustment of seat height, there is also a forward and backwards adjustment, as well as adjustability of the handlebars. It makes sure users of different built and sizes will have a proper fit.

Among upright exercise bikes, the Schwinn 140 has one of the smallest foot prints. Therefore you can easily use any corners in your house to do your workout. It doesn’t take up a lot of your space. Furthermore, with the built-in transport wheels and light weight design, you can move it from one place to another at ease.


There is no additional accessory included.

Please note that the Non-coded Heart Rate Chest Strap Transmitter is not included in the delivery package. It has to be purchased separately if you want to use it.


The Schwinn 140 is well known for its high quality level. It is the best exercise bike one of the reviewers has used so far. With constantly hard and frequent rides, there are no traces of wear and tear and no increase of noise level seen after a month.

The customer service level is top notched. It is US-based, with very friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff.

The biggest advantage of the bike is that it runs really silently; ninja-stealth mode.


There are not many major cons for this excellent bike.

The water bottle holder is too small for even a normal sized bottle. It is placed under the console and if the bottle is tall, like many bike bottles, it probably won’t fit at all.

It is very difficult to adjust the pedal straps for many users. Instead of hard-rubber straps, Schwinn may want to consider changing it to buckles and straps, or even Velcro type, which will be much easier to adjust. With sneakers, the straps tend to fly off so most of the riders ended up riding barefooted.

Instructions on programming the custom workout are vague. It took many users some time and effort before succeeding on programming a custom workout.

Consumer Ratings

Consumer gave a very solid rating for the Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike. Out of about 157 reviews on Amazon, over 70% gave a rating of 4 and above.


Amazon has the best price since it provides free shipping and with no tax.