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Electric Mountain Bikes

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Electric Mountain Bikes are great for the outdoor lovers and for those people who might have enjoyed their cycling at a younger age but now at an older stage in their life have ailments that restrict them to ride. The electric mountain bike has solved the problem and they can again enjoy being out and about doing the sport they loved. Motorized mountain bikes can make it enjoyable for retired people to enjoy holidays if they are caravan or motorhome fans. The battery and motor help a person to cross all types of terrain which will make the holiday that much more fun as you see more of the terrain than when walking.


Mountain bikes have to be built well because of the terrain that they need to cross. Many mountain bikers like to cross hills and rocky ground which results in a lot of wear and tear on the bike.

  • Electric Mountain Bikes are fitted with a Lithium-Ion battery but the rest of the bike has the normal transmission system and a person needs to take into consideration which features will suit their demand.
  • The durability and life of the battery depending on the terrain and the use of the bike that a person is planning to use it in.
  • The ease of adjustments so that you can get the most comfortable ride possible.
  • Make sure the components are well manufactured and will operate hassle free.
  • Ask for any other features that you might be required to suit your specific application.

X-Treme Trail Maker

The X-Treme Trail Maker bikes come with Shimano shift gears and a rear hub motor. The motor has a quick release to make it easy to change the wheel. The bike is made from 100% Aluminium Alloy and the motor is powered by a 300-watt Lithium-Ion battery. There are 7 gears and the Bike has a top speed of 20km without any assistance. It is supplied with a smart charger toolkit and from the electric mountain bike review it is a durable bike and can withstand all types of weather but some riders did cover the connection with silicone to protect them from water splash.

The X-Treme trail maker does not show any signs of overheating even going up steep hills, is very durable and with no insurance payments or fuel requirements the bike will pay for itself within 12 months if it is used for daily commuting. The X-Treme Trail maker is reasonably priced and for those people who would like a power assisted bike, it will be a good option.


ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

The Ancheer folding Electric Mountain bike is perfect for people who like traveling holidays and spending days cycling through new parts of the country one has never seen. The Ancheer is built from lightweight aluminium alloy and is totally rust proof. It comes fitted with a Lithium-Ion battery and unsupported will give a range of 25km or if assisted 50km at a top speed of 35 km/Hour. The seat is adjustable from 80cm to 95cm which is ideally suited for persons with a height of between 165cm to 185cm.

The bike is fitted with two modes Power assist and E-bike. When it is in power assist gear system is a Shimano 7 speed gear shift and in the E-Bike mode, there is a 3-speed smart button. The bike is easy to fold and perfect for traveling holidays or if you only have small storage space. It is supplied with a free assembly service if you would like to have a professional do it for you or you can assemble it on your own. The price is under $800,00 so makes it a good buy.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Some of the Ancheer range of Electric Mountain Bikes come with different specifications and they do not list them as different model numbers and the only way to distinguish between the different models is to read what they offer. This particular model comes with a Shimano 21 gear shift transmission and is ideal for climbing. It also has ultra strong wheels and fitted with anti-slip wear resistant tires for any terrain whether it be rain, sun or snow. The Lithium-Ion battery has a range of 25km if not assisted and 50km if assisted. The battery will take between 4-5 hours to charge to full capacity.

The great thing about having power assist electric mountain bikes is that they are versatile and are a great way to commute to work and back daily saving the expense of fuel and wear and tear on a person car. A tall person might have to buy a longer seat stem but it is advised that the battery and other mechanisms should not be altered. Well worth considering for whatever Mountain Bike activity you would like to do.

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

The Ancheer Power Plus comes with a Shimano 21 gear shift and disc brakes both at the back and in the front. This makes it easy for uphill cycling and with the two disc brakes safe to operate at any speed. The 34V Lithium-Ion battery will give you a range of 25-50 kilometers depending which mode you are using. The bike is fitted with an easy charge port for your convenience and the battery charges back to full capacity within 5 hours. Normal rain and water do not seem to affect the motor which is situated on the back hub of the Ancheer Power Plus. It is fitted with a headlight and horn make it safe to use at night. However, in some countries, you might have to fit a reflector or light at the back making it easier for motorists to see.

The Electric Mountain Bikes are sold at very similar prices as the standard mountain bikes and for commuting purposes or just to have fun the Ancheer Power Plus is good value money at under $600,00

Ego Bike New Electric Mountain Bike with 500W Lithium-Ion Battery

The Ego Bike Electric Mountain Bike is equipped with a strong 500W Lithium-Ion battery which is hidden in the frame making it easy to take off the back wheel if so required. The bike is fitted with a Shimano 7 speed gear shift transmission but in the PAS mode, it has 9 speeds. It is safe to use in all weather conditions and with its sturdy build is fun to use. This is a good E-bike and for tall people, you will probably need to put spacers to raise the front handle bars and buy a new rear seat to suit your length.

The Ego Bike has a good large screen display which shows the battery life, the speed, and the distance traveled. It is fitted with disc brakes and adjustable front sports suspension forks making for a more stable comfortable ride. The Ego Electric Mountain Bike is a good bike to use if you are young or old and for under $1000,00 good value for money.

Ego Bike New Fat Tyre Electric Beach and Snow Bike.

This is one of the better E-bikes and the battery is long lasting and can last as long as 2 days depending on how you use it. The broader tires help when the roads are rough and slippery giving better stability to your ride. As a trek electric mountain bike, it is definitely better than some on the market and well worth the money.

Even though the Ego Bike Wheel Men is rated very high as the best electric mountain bike it does not suit everyone’s taste especially for the older generation who find the fat tires cumbersome and heavy. Other than that this model is the best electric mountain bike and is suited to all terrains and weather conditions. It is excellent value at under $1000,00.