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Electric Milk FrothersEveryone loves a wonderful cup of coffee whether it is latte or cappuccino. A well-balanced mixture of steamy frothed milk and coffee serves as a treat for your taste buds. But are you tired of paying huge amount of money for your favorite cup of coffee in café? Then an electric milk frother is an answer for your every problem. Milk frother heats up the milk, frothing it which gives it the texture of creamy foam which enhances the taste of your drink. It can be used to prepare a large number of drinks and has become a necessity in day to day life.



There are different kinds of milk frothers available in the market nowadays. But the most popular types of milk frother are as follows:

  • Electric milk frother and warmer
  • Handheld milk frother
  • Handpumpmilk frother
  • Steam milk frother

Recommendations for purchasing best milk frother

With such a crowd of best milk frothers, it becomes difficult for you to decide the ideal one for you. But you need not worry. Below we are going to highlight some of the important points which should be kept in mind while making the purchase decision. From various kinds of milk frothers, automatic electric milk frother is best because of following reasons:

  • Less time consuming and worth its price

You might find electric milk frothers little bit expensive, but it is worth their price. They provide best quality frothed milk within minutes. Thus they save your time without comprising on the quality of frothed milk.

  • Works with all types of milk

Electric milk frother works with different kinds of milk. You can use any kind of milk and will get consistent frothed hot milk.

  • Number of cups

Based on the numbers of cups you require, select your automatic milk frother. Electric milk frothers come with different capacity.

  • Easy to clean

Electric milk frother has to be used on a daily basis. Thus, there is no need to buy complicated designed milk frothers. Select that automatic milk frother that is easy to clean and convenient to operate.

  • Modern Designing

Nowadays modern electric milk frothers are having such designing that it suits kitchen of every kind. Most of the frothers are quite small in size similar to that of a coffee can.

  • Temperature control

Some people like their froth to be piping hot while some prefer cold one. Therefore you should consider the temperature range offered by milk frothers before making a purchase.


Comprehensive Comparison of Top 10Automatic Electric Milk Frothers


Brand Name


Price Range


Amazon rating



Estilo 0153 Automatic Electric Milk Frother





3.7/ 5 stars


Chefs Star Premium Automatic Milk Frother





4.0/ 5 stars


Capresso froth PRO 202 Milk Frother





4.0/ 5 stars


Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother MMF-003





4.2/ 5 stars


Nespresso Plus milk Froth





4.2/ 5 stars


Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother





4.3/ 5 stars

Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother  



4.4/ 5 stars



Kuissential Deluxe Milk Frother





4.5/ 5 stars


Epica Milk Frother





4.5/ 5 stars


Gourmia Electric Milk Frother GMF225





4.6/ 5 stars


  1. Estilo 0153 Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Estilo 0153 Automatic Electric Milk FrotherEstilo 0153 stands at the last position of this list. This milk frother is having a frothing capacity of around 115 ml whereas its heating capacity is of around 240 ml. It is able to produce both hot as well as cold milk froth for cappuccino and iced drinks. It also heats milk which can be used for making hot chocolate, latte or other hot beverages.

The carafe for this milk frother can be removed from base for pouring milk froth easily. It has anti-slip silicone base with stainless steel body. Vacuum insulation maintains the temperature of the contents. It can heat milk to 150 0 in just 80 seconds. Its non-stick coated interior can be easily cleaned.



  1. Chefs Star Premium Automatic Milk Frother

Chefs Star Premium Automatic Milk FrotherChefs star premium milk frother comprises of two minor whisks which are meant for heating as well as frothing of milk. It makes froth for both cold and hot drinks. Though, this machine is not compatible working with cream. Its body is composed of stainless steel housing of high quality. Its base can be detached easily which provides convenient cleaning and serving.

Its body is made up of stainless steel of premium quality. This milk frother cannot be cleaned by immersing in water and therefore needs cleaning by hands. It has a frothing capacity of about 125 ml and it can give you frothed milk in lessthan a minute.



  1. Capresso froth PRO 202 Milk Frother

Capresso froth PRO 202 Milk FrotherCapresso froth PRO 202 is not a general milk frother. It is a compact machine which offers a wide range of innovative features. Its design is ideal for heating and frothing of milk. It’s frothing capacity and heating capacity is 8 oz and 12 oz respectively.

It comprises of two frothing discs and one heating disc. The heating disc provides three settings of temperature for added efficiency.The pitcher is scratchproof and is coated with a non-stick layer. It have dual auto shut-off feature with see through lid. It possesses large capacity and has handles that stays cool.



  1. Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother MMF-003

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother MMF-003This electric milk frother provides cold and hot froth. Its maximum capacity for making milk froth is 125 ml whereas 250 ml milk can be heated. Both these quantities are depicted with the help of two marks, the upper one is for heating milk while lower one for milk frothing. It also has one indicator which shows minimum level. Its exterior is made up of stainless steel and has vacuum installation. It has a detachable base which makes its operation easy. This milk frother is suitable for use as per Electrical Standards of North America and has 2 year warranty period.




  1. Nespresso Plus milk Froth

Nespresso Plus milk FrothThis frother is an advanced version of Nespresso milk frothers. The maximum capacity for frothing milk is 130 ml whereas for heating milk is 250 ml. It is a brilliant frother that heats milk within a time period of only 70 seconds. With a non-stick interior coating, it prevents a buildup of minerals. It has both maximum as well as minimum indicators.

It has a design that is space efficient. Also, it showcases a BPA-free body that is ideal for daily use as it can be cleaned easily. It is having a compact design that is well suited for the modern kitchen. It uses power of around 120 V and have removable base.



  1. Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Secura Automatic Electric Milk FrotherThis frother comes in two sizes with different capacities – 250 ml and 500 ml. Its maximum capacity for the preparation of milk froth is 125 ml while for hot milk is 250 ml. Its exterior is made up of stainless steel and possesses vacuum insulation. It has 2 marks for maximum quantities and one indicator which show minimum level.

It has detachable base that makes pouring as well as cleaning easy. It has 2 years warranty period and is made as per the Electrical Standards of North America. By pressing on/off switch once both frother and heater start, by pressing on/off switch for 3 seconds only frother will start.



  1. Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk FrotherThis electric milk frother has disc for latte frothing which gives smooth as well as silky milk. Another disc is for cappuccino frothing which produces creamy and thick froth. As per the milk frother review, it is a perfect maker of hot chocolate by simply adding chocolate flakes/powder/syrup to heating milk.

The unique feature of this automatic milk frother is onboard disc storage. It employs induction heating for warming milk and is safe to use in the dishwasher. Thus it is easy to clean.




  1. Kuissential Deluxe Milk Frother

Kuissential Deluxe Milk FrotherBy simply pushing a button you can froth and simultaneously heat milk automatically.As a result, you need to just relax and enjoy your favorite beverage. Thus it is a good frother which saves your precious time and efforts and produces both cold and hot milk froth.

Its exterior is made up of stainless steel while its interior is made up of non-stick. It is quite easy in its operation as well as to clean. The added advantage is its detachable base, through which you can directly add frothed milk into your cup.




  1. Epica Milk Frother

Epica Milk FrotherThis modernfrother compliments your kitchen and makes both hot and cold milk froth which is suitable for preparation of a large number of cold or hot beverages. Due to its stainless steel body and vacuum insulation, the temperature of the froth remains maintained which makes it a better choice.

Its maximum frothing capacity is around 4.25 oz and maximum heating capacity is 8.5 oz. Due to its low price, this one is quite within your budget. Its carafe can be removed from the base which makes pouring easy and this product also provides 2 year warranty.




  1. Gourmia GMF225 Electric Milk Frother

This lovely and sleek designed frother is the best electric milk frother. This provides you with the twin option of either creating a thick froth for your beverage or just warming milk for a treat. Its detachable base makes it easy to pour and cleaning.

LED lights present on this frother specify the status of either heating/frothing milk. With its non-stick coating, you can enjoy more and more froth with little to worry about its cleaning. It comes with a user manual that includes a number of recipes like latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and much more. This frother is certified by ETL which ensures safe and efficient performance.