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Coffee pressesIf you like ground coffee and not instant coffee then a coffee press is an essential utensil to have. There are plenty of electric coffee making brewers but these are often not practical and the paper filters can spoil the taste of the coffee. French press coffee making carafe is the best tasting coffee and useful when you are traveling or would like to brew some fresh coffee each time you would like to have a cup. Using a French press coffee maker definitely, does make the nicest tasting coffee and the coffee press that one uses can also make a difference. Coffee-presses are made to ensure that you get the purest tasting coffee as they only extract the essential oils.


Coffee-presses are made from various materials and it is important that they are made from good materials and materials that will not contaminate the taste of the coffee and the best French press coffee makers are made from such materials.

  • The price of the coffee presses varies with the type of materials that are used and the manufacturer. Since it is an item that will be used for a long time it is wise to buy the best French press coffee maker to get the best use and the purest taste.
  • The functions of coffee presses are all the same but it is important that the plunger is made well and will ensure that the very fine grains do not filter through and create sediment at the bottom of your cup.
  • The size of the coffee-press should be to suit how much coffee you would like to make at any one time.
  • The manufacturer of the coffee press and the materials used.
  • The durability of the coffee-press especially if a person travels a lot or would like it for camping purposes

Van Kleef Group Urban Galley

Van Kleef Group Urban GalleyThis perfect French press coffee maker is made from bamboo, stainless steel, and Borosilicate Pyrex and the coffee does not come into contact with any plastic what so ever. The wooden lid and handle are made from Bamboo which not only looks good but is also the most durable material available. The plunger is double layered and made from stainless steel which ensures that only the flavors are extracted from the coffee. The Van Kleef Group Urban Galley coffee maker is only 12oz so ideal for a single cup of coffee but will make the best French press coffee that a person can ask for.

When a person orders one of these make sure that the supplier that you have ordered from packs it very well and uses a fragile label because according to the French press coffee maker reviews it has been delivered with the glass broken. It also comes in 6 pieces and is quite difficult to assemble especially if the person is not technically minded.


Procizion French Press 20oz Pot

Procizion French Press 20oz PotThe French coffee press is made from a high-quality Borosilicate glass and the white BPA free plastic ensures that the lid does not get hot and eliminates the possibility of getting any burns. This very durable coffee pot can be used to brew coffee, tea from loose tea leaves and espresso. The clever design makes sure that the coffee does not come into contact with any plastic when you pour the coffee. It has a unique 3 filter design and only the pure aromatic coffee with no grounds will end up in your cup.

It has a variety of uses and apart from making coffee or tea and can also be used to make almond milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions and more. It is perfect for the very busy person who does not have time for coffee or tea to brew but would like the perfect coffee within a few minutes. The triple filter system fits tightly against the glass and is of high quality so that they do not have to be replaced often. With a price of less than $20,00, this coffee press is a good choice.

French Press by Ritual

French Press by RitualThe 36oz coffee-press made by Ritual is the perfect French press coffee maker for the coffee lover who wishes to have more than one cup at a time. It is made from a durable thick professional glass and a stable 400-degree resistant silicone base. The silicone base prevents any burns to your table and gives a smooth spill free soft landing. The handle is stainless steel and bamboo. The lid is also made from Bamboo giving the coffee press a lovely look. The precision filter has been designed by coffee press masters which ensure that you only get pure coffee without the grounds.

The Ritual French Press coffee maker is very simple in design which makes it easy to assemble, use and clean. It is very durable and the manufacturer has so much confidence in their product that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The filters are easy to replace and are readily available online. With its lifetime guarantee and very competitive price makes it an excellent choice.

Brillante BR-CP1-350 French Press Coffee Maker

Brillante BR-CP1-350 French Press Coffee MakerThe Brillante is the best coffee French press for the coffee lover that would like 1 cup at a time without having any grounds in their coffee. The Brillante comes with a two system filtering system. The primary filter on the plunger and a secondary filter at the spout of the carafe. It is made from high-quality German glass and is perfect for a single serving. Ideal for tea from loose leaf tea and with the stainless steel lid and plunger will last for a long time to come. The handle is made from high-quality propylene which is durable and will not come into contact with the brewed coffee.

With the high-quality glass, you can change to making tea straight after you have made coffee because after washing there is no smell of the coffee lingering. At Brillante they believe in good customer service and replacement parts are supplied quickly and without any fuss should the pitcher break. From the customer reviews, this would be a worthwhile choice for the coffee lover that wants single servings.

Bodum Brazil 8-cup French Press Coffee maker

Bodum Brazil 8-cup French Press Coffee makerThe 34oz Bodum French press coffee maker is the perfect size to serve up to 4 people and is made from Borosilicate glass. The stainless steel 3 filter plunger extracts just the essential oils and subtle flavors to give you the perfect aroma and taste from the coffee bean that you like. It comes with a BPA free plastic handle and base which ensures that your table gets no burn marks. The Bodum coffee maker is durable and dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. It is supplied in hassle free packaging for protection and easy unwrapping.

The filter of this Bodum coffee maker looses its shape from time to time and when this happens some of the ground filters through. It is also advisable to use coffee that is not ground too finely because it is quite difficult to clean the filter. The handle design could be improved because it hangs over the lip and the filter needs to be inserted at an angle. If you are wanting a coffee press for work or home this is not a bad choice at less than $20,00

SterlingPro French Coffee Press

SterlingPro French Coffee PressAs a coffee lover, the SterlingPro is a reliable choice and it will last you for a long time as it is made from high-quality Borosilicate glass for the pitcher and the capacity is 34oz / 1 liter. The double filter system ensures that there is no ground left for the coffee and preventing that worst experience of finding coffee ground in your mouth. It only extracts the essential oils from the coffee unlike paper filters which create wastage and you do not get the pure taste of the coffee bean that you have chosen. It is the perfect gift for your friends or family but if you are also a coffee lover the SterlingPro is designed to give you the best experience.

The two screens are supplied with two extra screens and the screens last for up to two years which is reasonable because the replacement value is quite high at the quoted price of $25,00 in 2016/2017. The secret to ensuring that they last a long time is to clean them straight after the coffee has been brewed. The price is on the high side but with it being good quality is still worth considering.

Chef’s Star French Press 34oz

Chef’s Star French Press 34ozChef’s Star is one of the best French press coffee makers and it is on the expensive side but that is because it is made from high-quality materials. With its heat resistant Pyrex construction complimented with chrome detailing, a double screen filter and stainless steel plunger. The Chef’s star is easy to clean and has a classical design which will look good in any kitchen. The Chef’s Star with its double filter screen will produce the best coffee for you and your friends which will have no grounds left in the cup. If it is the normal 8oz cups you will get 4 cups but if you are using mugs you will get 2-3

It makes a good espresso because of the super fine filter it has across the spout which makes sure that no grounds will pass through. It is dishwasher friendly but make sure that you load it properly or else the glass can crack. At a cost of less than $30,00 the Chef’s Star is a very reasonable buy.


MateoJo French Press Coffee & Tea Maker

MateoJo French Press Coffee & Tea MakerThis good coffee maker is made from high-quality materials and is perfect for when you are traveling or going on a camping trip. If this is the first time that you have used a french press coffee-press this is the best coffee brand french-press because it comes with detailed instructions on how to use it. The website also has videos to show how to use it but it is very simple just add the coffee, pour in the hot water and let it sit for 4 minutes, insert the plunger and the coffee is ready for drinking.

For those travelers who do not like the instant coffee supplied in hotel rooms, this would be a good coffee maker to be part of the luggage. The customer support from MateoJo is excellent with e-mails sent before it arrives and more importantly after it has arrived making sure that you the customer is satisfied. The only negative about this good coffee-press is that when it is hot the carafe tends to move but for the price, it is still a good buy.

Kona French Press Coffee Maker

Kona French Press Coffee MakerThis is one of the better coffee-presses on the market which will filter any ground giving a smooth, gourmet cup of coffee. The carafe is protected with an outer cover making it look attractive but also reduces the risk of the glass from breaking or cracking. The plunger is a three piece stainless steel infusion filter design which extracts all the essential oils and delivers a bold unique coffee taste which is lost using paper filters. The Kona French Press coffee maker can be used to brew tea using loose tea leaves and in the summer months make a refreshing iced coffee or tea.

As one of the better French press coffee makers it only has small flaws. One is the lid which is very light and tends to lift off and that the carafe cannot be removed from the frame for washing purposes. This is definitely not one of the cheaper models but it will produce a lovely smooth coffee and that is why coffee baristas recommend it as one of the top French press coffee makers.

Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Secura Stainless SteFrench Press Coffee MakerThe Secura Stainless Steel coffee maker is designed and made to outlast all the other makes of coffee makers especially those made from glass. It is made from high-quality stainless steel both inside and outside of the pitcher. It comes with a 3 tier stainless steel filter which guarantees that even the smallest grains cannot filter through. The filtering system is easy to assemble and disassemble which makes the screen easy to replace and clean. It has a cool touch handle and a double walled construction making sure that there is a very little thermal loss.

This is the best stainless steel French press coffee maker on the market and is very durable. With the double stainless steel, walls will keep your coffee hot for up to 30 minutes. The added advantage is that there is no glass that can crack or break like other models and it is rated as the best coffee French press. The price is less than $70,00 but this French press coffee maker will last a lifetime and well worth the money.