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Camping LanternsWhen a person goes camping it is normally in areas where there are no electrical facilities and during the hours of darkness having a good camping, a lantern is essential. A lantern for camping must last the duration of the trip and be bright enough for you to see a reasonable distance especially if the camping trip is in the wilderness. Camping lanterns main use is to light the camping area at night time so that you can do your cooking, prepare your tent and general lighting around the campsite. If you are a keen fisherman and enjoy night time fishing a good camping lantern is a must.


The most important features to look out for when you are considering buying a camping lantern is durability, how it is powered and the duration the lamp will burn depending on the type of power source it uses. Lanterns are supplied with different battery types such rechargeable batteries, AA batteries, or Coleman gas lanterns.

  • As a camper the most important piece of equipment is a good lantern especially if the camping site is in the wilderness the reliability and durability are the main criteria to consider
  • If you are a camper which likes long stays then how many days the power source will last
  • The price and the capabilities of the camping lanterns
  • Ease of use around the camp site and the safety factors especially if is going to be used inside a tent.
  • The versatility of the camping lantern and how easy it would be to use a lighting device inside your tent. Pay special attention to this factor if you are hoping to hang it in a small 3 man tent

AZCAMP Portable LED Lantern, Multi-Purpose Ultra Bright Camping Light

AZCAMP Portable LED Lantern, Multi-Purpose Ultra Bright Camping LightThe AZCAMP portable LED camping lantern is durable, light and perfect to hang in a small 3 man tent when you go camping. If you do have a bigger tent then that is not a problem all you need to do is buy a few more so that you are able to hang more from the very convenient hook. The product is durable and light and powered by 3 AAA batteries which last a long time. If you are going on a long trip then make sure that there are spare batteries available. The AZCAMP has two settings which are high and dim which work very well and can also be used for indoor use and perfect to be used as a night light on the dim setting if you have a small child.

The actual brightness is not stated anywhere but it is bright enough to read a book when you are camping and on the low setting will provide enough light for you to see comfortably in a small compact tent

2 Pack of Water Resistant Portable Ultra Bright LED Lantern

2 Pack of Water Resistant Portable Ultra Bright LED LanternThe 2 Pack Water Resistant Portable Ultra Bright LED mad by G&F is made from the top of the line water resistant plastic. The camping lantern is collapsible and switches on automatically when the camping lantern is opened. Once it is opened it supplies 60 lumens of light 360 degrees and is perfect for those camping trips, fishing, and blackouts at home. It is powered by 3 AA batteries and has a storage compartment to carry spare batteries. The lantern is very light weighing only 12,8 ounces ( .36 kg), has steel handles for safe hanging whether in the home or in your camping tent. With the 30 LED bulbs it supplies bright light 360 degrees around your campsite or in your tent.

The light does not have an on and off switch and switches on automatically when the light is extended and switches off when it is closed. The brightness is controlled by the length the lamp is extended and it worth noting that have a small screwdriver might be required to open the holding compartment for the extra batteries.

Xtreme Bright Camping Lantern

Xtreme Bright Camping LanternThis is an extremely lightweight lamp and only weighs 6 ounces (170 grammes) folds down and fits easily into your backpack for those hiking and camping trips. The lamp will give 50 hours of light on the low setting and up to 5 hours on the extreme bright setting. It is powered by 3 AA batteries, the light is supplied by 7 string diodes and this camping light is water resistant and can be left out in the rain. The lamp has no on/off switch and switches on when the lantern is extended which is perfect if you have little children.

At 250 lumens and with a lifetime money back guarantee makes this little lamp one of the better offers today. The advantage of using LED lights it makes camping a lot simpler and easier than carrying around the Coleman gas lantern. The Xtreme Bright is supplied in different colours and is perfect for that fishing, hiking and camping trip even for those odd nights when the electrical supply to your home is interrupted.

Etekcity Upgraded Portable Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

Etekcity Upgraded Portable Rechargeable LED Camping LanternThis multi-purpose camping lantern is very versatile and not only does it have bright lighting capabilities but can also be used as a power bank for your mobile phone in emergencies. It has two powering options with 3 AA batteries which are inserted on the top of Etekcity Camping Lantern or with the two rechargeable batteries in the bottom of the light. It has 4 settings which are high and is for using the Etekcity Camping Light outside, low for reading purposes or inside a tent, with the red setting it can be used as a night light and if there is an emergency function if you need assistance the red lights can be set to flashing.

The Etekcity is well designed for outdoor use being waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions but also for inside the home with the power bank capabilities and be able to use two types of batteries makes it a good buy at less than $20,00.

AYL StarLight – Water Resistant – Shock Proof – Battery Powered Ultra

AYL StarLight - Water Resistant - Shock Proof - Battery Powered UltraThe AYL Starlight is one of the brightest camping lanterns on the market and is powered by 3 x 3D batteries. The batteries have a magnificent life of 6 days of use and make it just as good as having a Coleman kerosene lantern without the safety considerations. It uses LED lights which are very bright at 600 Lumens and is perfect for indoor use as well as outdoor activities.

The features that are useful when you are camping or caught in the dark it has a green LED indicator which makes it easy to find and the light itself has 3 settings for the purpose you would like to use it for which is high, low and a flashing strobe. It has a reflective cap and the light can be used in two modes focused or 360 degrees. With these options, this s a lamp well worth considering and it is sold at a very competitive price with a 1-year warranty.


Super Bright LED Camping Lantern with Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker for Emergency

Super Bright LED Camping Lantern with Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker for EmergencyThis Super Bright LED camping lantern is one of the top sellers and can be used instead of propane lanterns like the Colemans propane lantern. It is ideal for use as an emergency light, camping lantern, hurricanes, fishing or hunting. The Super Bright camping light comes fitted with a glow in the dark sticker for easy finding when it is dark and can be used as a lamp, a torch or as an emergency flashing light. The battery life is very good and will last a full 12 hours and more if required. It will use normal batteries and rechargeable type batteries.

The light is very bright and folds down to 4 inches which make it easy to pack in your suitcase or backpack. The Super Bright LED at 60 lumens with reflectors has good reviews and is certainly one of the camping lanterns on the market that needs consideration especially with the glowing sticker beats trying to find a candle in the dark.

Superbright LED Lantern

Superbright LED LanternThe Superbright LED lantern made by FireBolt lights is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing and hiking. The super bright LED light is strong weather resistant and can withstand all weather conditions whether you are camping, attending a festival or event the Superbright LED Lantern will keep working allowing you to see where you are going. The lantern does not have an on / off switch, you just extend it to its full length and it comes on and to switch off push it back down and it will switch off at a nice compact height of 4,8″ (10cm).

LED lanterns are the trend because there is no need to worry about the weather like you would if you were using a Coleman Gas Lamp. The Superbright is rated as one of the best camping lanterns and comes at the magnificent price of less that $10,00. With that price and with it being water resistant it is well worth considering.

Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern

Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping LanternThe Etekcity Ultra Bright is made from military grade materials to make it durable and made to work through any weather conditions whether you are out camping or stranded next to a road with a broken down car. The light has a full 12 hours of light and after 8 hours the lantern automatically goes into battery saving mode which dims the light. It uses 3 AA batteries and having batteries that are not fixed has the added advantage that they can be replaced, unlike the Coleman LED Lantern which has a fixed rechargeable battery.

The Etekcity Ultra Bright camping lantern can be used as a stand-alone unit on a table or be hung from a branch or in a tent from the adjustable handles. It is very safe to use especially for children with no preparation required with fire or oil like a Coleman Propane lantern. As a light to use around the house and the occasional camping trip the Etekcity Ultra Bright is a good lamp to consider.

Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, Coyote

Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, CoyoteThe Streamlight 44931 is rated as one of the top camping lanterns and is superior to the lower end lanterns but if you are a serious hiker or camper the Streamlight 44931 is the light for you. It has 4 settings and at the high setting it gives 340 lumens of light but it also has a medium setting and a low setting. It has a red light which is used for night vision and only shines at 10 lumens. This light can also be set at red SOS flashing for any emergency you might be in. The lantern is made from strong materials and will withstand any normal impact without breaking like falling from a table or from where it was hanging. It has impact tested from 2m. The handle is ergonomically designed and easy to carry and it is also designed in such a way that it is easy to hang from an awning or a branch.

The Streamlight 44931 is one of the better makes and even though it is quite a bit more expensive than the other makes it is built to last and well worth the money.


Divine LEDs Bright 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

Divine LEDs Bright 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping LanternThe Divine LED made by Vonk are the brightest camping lanterns made and offered by Amazon. They are the perfect lighting tool as part of the emergency kit if you should be in a hurricane or any other type of emergency. They are made from military grade material making them robust and able to withstand tough conditions. With 30 Led lights it gives 360 degrees lighting and the batteries have at least 12 hours working life ensuring that you will not be left in the dark. The product is collapsible and fits in your backpack with ease and is the best light for any camping trip. If you do not need it on full brightness then it can be dimmed by a just a simple push which will dim the light.

The Divine LED Portable outdoor LED camping lantern is the best one on the market and with its superior brightness it is an excellent choice for those camping trips or blackouts.