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Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 Review

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The Body Rider BRF700 Fan Bike is a dual action exercise bike. Besides the standard cycling workout on your lower body, there are handlebars that you can grab on to exercise your arms at the same time. This kind of dual action bike is getting very popular now mainly because, as the name suggest, you can have dual action; both upper and lower body workout at the same time. Among all the dual action bikes available, the BRF700 is one of the more economical and popular one. It does not feel cheap, and delivers what it is supposed to for a great workout.

This bike is one of the top selling model at Amazon among dual action bikes. It is definitely an awesome deal and seems to offer the most bang for the buck.

Although it is not of a gym-quality machine, this bike is ideal for anyone who does not want to spend hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment and yet want to own a stationary bike at home.

This Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 Review has been compiled to help you make an informed decision before buying.

Take a look at this short video to have an overview of this nice little machine.


Resistance Level

The Body Rider comes with an unlimited resistance level. For slight tension adjustment, you can simply adjust the tension required using the tension knob found at the top centre of the bike. For greater tension adjustment, you may loosen or tighten the friction belt by re-strapping it. You can do that by first turning the tension adjustment knob all the way to the loose setting. Then re-strap the belt at the buckle on the main frame, just beneath the flat beam at the top center. The more length you allow for the friction belt to wrap around the wheel, the less friction it will cause. Re-adjust the tension knob after you have finished re-strapping the belt.

Usually for fan bikes, the resistance comes from the fan. But for the BRF700, the resistance comes from a strap that goes around the wheel. From how I see, as long as the tension level is wide enough to cater for various workout intensities, there really isn’t much difference where the resistance comes from.

The Body Rider is quite effective for workouts. One user workout on this bike for 15 min, and is already feeling the muscles tightening and sweating all over. Another one used this bike for 20 min every day, and ended up losing 4lbs by the end of the first week. This is quite an amazing result to get from using a dual action exercise bike.

Please take note that this bike is only meant for light use with light to modest workouts. For heavy users that prefer intensive workouts, I would suggest that you look at a higher end bike like the Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike. Click here for the detailed review.

Display Console

There is nothing too fanciful about the display console of the Body Rider BRF700. The two “AA” battery operated LCD screen displays the time you have spent on the pedal, distance covered, speed as well as the calories burned. The display alternates between the time, mileage as well as calories burned. The speed information is shown permanently.

The location of the display is somehow in the low position, and it may be difficult for some to read it easily while cycling. It didn’t help in the reading when the display character is small too.

The display console turns on automatically when it receives an input from the speed sensor, i.e. when you start to pedal. It turns off when there is no input from the speed sensor or no button is pressed for roughly 4 consecutive minutes.

In general, considering the low cost of this bike, the small compromise on the lack of display features can be compromised. Essential information is still showing reliably by the console.

Comfort Level

The common feedback from most users was that the seat was too hard. One user’s butt got sore only after 40 minutes working on the bike. This is a very common problem with upright exercise bikes. They are not designed for comfort. Many people will usually get a gel seat cover to put over the seat as a cushion. This will help a bit. But I would suggest that you should really try out the seat first before buying the cover. As I have mentioned in one of my previous reviews, some riders may fit better with a seat than others due to the different sizes and contours of the butt from different people. So who knows, you may find the BRF700 original seat comfortable for you, and save up the money for the seat cover. But in case you need to get a cushion seat cover, you can consider the very popular Mongoose gel seat cover, or to replace the entire seat with the Sunlite Cloud-9 saddle.

There are many reviews online that mentioned that the Body Rider BRF700 bike was designed for short people. However, I have also come across people that are 5ft 9 tall with long legs who find it comfortable on the bike. For tall people, most likely their knees will be difficult to be fully straighten out during the peddling motion. This may cause discomfort for some on the knees as well as on the hip joints.  When the seat is set to the highest, the distance from the seat to the pedal is about 29 inches. So if your inseam is more than 29 inches, most likely you will not be able to fully straighten out your knees during peddling. One possible workaround is to replace the seat with one that has a post that is about two to three inches longer than the original one. This will allow people of at least 6ft tall to ride comfortably.

Some users also noted that the seat was pointing down a little and you could slide down while riding. If you have this problem, try to insert some flat washers on the front mounting bolt to lift the seat up. This will help.

In terms of noise level, yes, the BRF700 will be slightly noisier than a normal upright or recumbent bike. This is due to the rotation of the fan. But the noise level is still acceptable by most people.

The good thing about fan bike is that it provides a stream of cooling air during the ride, and this makes the workout much more comfortable.

Heart Rate Monitor

There is no built-in heart rate monitor on the Body Rider Fan Bike. If you need one, I would suggest that you get the very popular Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

Preset Programs

There is no preset program on the BRF700 bike. Anyway, not all the preset programs will suit every individual.

What you can do is that you can design your own exercise program according to your needs. The resistance level is adjustable, all essential workout information can be found on the display console, and if you need to include heart beat information into the program, you may do so with the recommended mobile heart rate monitor. There is some manual work here, but it is worth the compromise considering the low cost of this exercise bike.


The Fan Bike measures (L x W x H) 41.75 inch x 22 inch x 46.5 inch, and weighs 47.1 lbs.  It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Additional Features

The bike comes with a set of built-in wheels meant for easy transportation.

The seat height can be easily adjusted to suit individual physical profile.

The frame is made of heavy duty aluminium and is pretty sturdy and durable.

With the small footprint, it makes it flexible to be used in almost anywhere in the house.


There is no additional accessory that comes together with this bike. You can consider to get yourself a padded seat cover and/or mobile heart rate monitor if you need one.


The assembling of the bike is easy, thanks to a very detailed assembling manual that comes with very clear instructions and illustrative pictures. Most get it done within an hour with two people working on it. One couple put the bike together in 40 minutes while watching a movie together. So you can imagine how easy the assembling can be.

A big advantage of the Fan Bike is that it requires very little maintenance, unlike bikes that use chain or magnetic motors. On top of that, it produces a gentle breeze during your workout, which sometimes can be great if you are working out in a stuffy room.

The dual action feature allows you to work on your upper body while you are cycling. This is good as it helps to bring your heart beat to the target zone much faster and provides a more effective cardio workout.

The BRF700 is compact, lightweight, and works like a charm.


The Fan Bike comes with a very hard seat. If you find that the seat is uncomfortable, you may need to get a gel cover or replace it with another one that suits you. If you don’t want to spend money on that, you can try to simply place a folded towel on it. This should make your ride more comfortable.

Some users find the noise level of the bike a bit loud, and it makes it difficult to hear the TV at the same time while using the bike. There is one user that put the machine out in the back yard so that he can enjoy an evening ride outdoor, and at the same time not bothered too much by the noise.

This bike is not a top quality machine. If you are looking for a heavy and intensive workout, this machine may not be able to meet your expectations. However, if you are just starting out on exercising and your workout is moderate, this could be a wonderful piece of exercise equipment for you.

The BRF700 may not be suitable for tall people as the seat cannot go up high enough to accommodate them. It works best for people between 4ft to 5.5ft. In case you want to D.I.Y, you can always drill another hole on the seat post so that you can extend it higher by a bit more. May not totally solve the problem if you are really tall, but it does help.

The calories burned information on the display may not be accurate as it does not factor in your weight. The numbers could be just an approximation based on distance and time used in workout.

The nuts and bolts of the bike may start to get loose after every four or five uses. So please take the trouble to check occasionally and tighten them if needed to.

Consumer Ratings

Many people simply love the Body Rider BRF700 due to its simplicity and economical price. There are over 140 reviews on this product at Amazon, and over 100 users rated it at least with a 4 star.


The best price is still from Amazon as it offers free shipping.