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Best Recumbent Exercise Bike For The Elderly

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Everybody wants to age gracefully with good health. To do that, it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle and have regular exercises. The older you get, the more important it is to stay active and to maintain with your regular workouts. This will help the elderly not just to stay functional and productive, but also to maintain an alert mind. Adults of 65 years and older are highly recommended a minimum of two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week.

However, the selection on the type of exercise for elderly has to be careful. It has to be low impact (easy on the knees and joints), effective and not easily to cause injuries. Exercising with a stationary recumbent bike is one of the best exercises for the elderly. It is not only simple and easy to do, but also low impact and very safe for old people. Exercising on a stationary recumbent bike is a popular exercise enjoyed by many elderly at home. But what kind of recumbent exercise bike is suitable for them? Let’s now look at how to select the best recumbent exercise bike for the elderly.

Talking about the best types of exercise equipment for the elderly, one should consider first the individual fitness level of the senior person. Even the fittest grandpa or grandma may not be able to escape the possibilities of injuring themselves in one way or another during exercising due to aging. Certain types of equipment do a better job of preventing these injuries than others.

Based on the many feedbacks and reviews from elderly users of exercise bikes, I have gathered that the best recumbent exercise bike for the elderly should have the following features:

  • A large, well padded and comfortable seat with sufficient back support. No balance is needed from the rider, and hence likelihood of falling off the bike is almost zero. A comfortable seat will also motivate the elderly rider to exercise longer without feeling tired easily.
  • A smooth and quiet ride. This feature will help a lot as most elderly prefers to watch TV programs or read their books while riding. With a quiet exercise bike, the rider will not be disturbed or distracted from any irritating noise coming from the machine.
  • A sturdy and high quality construction of the exercise bike. The quality is important so as to ensure the bike will not have any operating problems or breakdown after short usages. A sturdy construction will also ensure the bike is steady and robust while in operation.
  • A walk through design so that getting in and out of the bike is easy for elders, especially those with leg problems. Old people with movement constraints or using a wheelchair will have no problem to use the bike.
  • Simple and easy to use. The characters on the display console should be large so that senior people with poor eye sight will be able to read off the information without much problem. Most elderly may not need all the bells and whistle that come with some of the high end exercise models, such as preset programs, heart monitoring system, etc. Simple information on the display console such as time, distance and speed will be more than enough for the elderly.
  • Easy to adjust the various resistance levels to cater for different fitness levels of the rider. This will help the rider to reach his/her exercise objectives, be it weight loss or strength building.
  • Easy to assemble and ease of moving the machine around. Senior people may not be as technical savvy as the younger generation. Bikes that require lots of cable connections and with too many mechanical parts that need to be put together may confuse them. Therefore a very detailed and easy to understand assembly manual will be very helpful for the elderly to get the machine up quickly.

Based on reviews and research on various websites and forums, I have come across an exercise bike that fit the requirements as the best recumbent bike for the elderly. The Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle ME709 not only has all the elderly friendly features, it is also popularly known to be a value-for-money exercise bike. It is easy to assemble, offers a comfortable and adjustable seat, equipped with an eight level of resistance and a simple and relatively large LCD display console.

The Marcy ME709 may not come with all the features of the more expensive models, but it served its riders well with a very quiet ride, a sturdy construction and a super easy to operate recumbent bike as a whole. Elderly on a budget should seriously consider this amazing Marcy ME709 bike. This is one of the top seller recumbent exercise bike at Amazon.

You can take a look at the very detailed review of the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle ME709 here.