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Top 10 Best Chainsaws of 2017

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A chainsaw is an important tool

Top 10 Best Chainsaws of 2017Everybody is aware regarding what is a chainsaw and how does it work. It is basically a mechanical saw that has been given power through a chain that rotates and moves along the guide bar. They can be used for cutting big trees, chopping firewood or using the one for cutting concrete in the construction site. A chainsaw is easy to use in comparison to a normal axe. Its sheer force is incomparable in comparison to the strength of the strongest person you might be aware of. These chainsaws are light weighted thus making it easy to carry them while working either indoors or outdoors. They received their energy from electricity, battery or it is a gas chainsaw which brilliantly saw, split and prune branches as well as woods in an effective manner; however, their safety features myriad is just desirable.

Unlike axes and machetes, chainsaws have more balanced designs that come with padded handles for providing safety. Most of the models of chainsaw work free from vibration and possess safety brakes which provide safety to its users in case of an accident.

Points to be kept in mind before purchasing best home chainsaw

Power – Chainsaw is a versatile accessory for commercial and household purposes which handles most of the cutting, splitting and sawing jobs. Power is a very important attribute that should be considered while purchasing the best chainsaw. For better and faster working on most of the materials, select a chainsaw that possesses high horsepower. Cheap chainsaw with low power might make the task of pruning trees, splitting wood and gutting homes tough.

Safety –These saves an indispensable amount of labor, thus it is a must buy for all the contractors and homeowners. However, power is vital, still kindly pay attention towards the safety of the model which you have selected. Carefully watch that your preferred model is having safety throttle or safety catcher or protective scabbard and centrifugal clutch. The model of chainsaw selected by you should be light weight and have padded hands which will prevent the user from injuries.

Kinds – There are numerous kinds of chainsaws available in the market. There is a large chainsaw, small chainsaw, battery operated chainsaw, gas chainsaw, Poulan chainsaw, top handle chainsaw and much more. Before deciding on the one, please understand its working and its added advantages like gas chainsaws can be handled in a novel manner which derives power from fuels and diesel. They are quite cheap and run for longer time durations, these gas chainsaws are heavy and create pollution.

Comparatively, electricity powered chainsaws are light weighted and much efficient. Unfortunately, due to their cord, models minimize the range of working outdoors. Battery powered chainsaw are the modern versions. Most of its models are actually underpowered and run for shorter time period. They are quite efficient and perfect for outdoor use.


Were you aware of the fact that for what task you want to perform mirrors the kind of chainsaw you should purchase? The best electric chainsaw is a well-made model which has a shortened kickback chain will be useful for you. It should have guide bar, oil or power gauge, an adjustable mechanism for a drive that is customized.

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Amazon Ratings



Poulan 20 inch 2 stroke 50 cc Gas Chainsaw



3.8 out of 5 stars


Oregon Self Sharpening CS1500 Electric Chainsaw



4.1 out of 5 stars



Remington RM1425 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw



4.2 out of 5 stars



Remington Ranger RM 1025SPS 10 – Inch Electric Chainsaw



4.2 out of 5 stars


Husqvarna 18 – inch Gas Powered Chain



4.3 out of 5 stars



Black Decker Max 10 inch Chainsaw



4.3 out of 5 stars


Husqvarna 60cc 24 inch Chainsaw



4.4 out of 5 stars



WORX 14.5 Amp 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw


4.4 out of 5 stars



Black Decker Max 12 inch Chainsaw



4.5 out of 5 stars



Greenworks 16- inch 20312 Cordless Chainsaw



4.5 out of 5 stars



Top 10 Chainsaws of 2017

  1. Poulan 20 inch Pro PP5020AV 2 stroke 50 cc Gas Chainsaw

Poulan 20 inch Pro PP5020AV 2 stroke 50 cc Gas ChainsawThis best 20-inch chainsaw comes with DuraLife engine which provides longer life to the engine as well as to the chainsaw. Its system of air filter is super clean which extends its life. This Poulan chainsaw has starting system which is effortless to operate and its handle produces less vibration. It not only reduces the fatigue of the operator but also provides comfort and ease while operating it. It has automated chain oiler which lubricates the system on a regular basis. It comes in a packages that includes a carrying case as well as a scrench holder which gets locked by an on- board system.




  1. Oregon Self Sharpening CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Oregon Self Sharpening CS1500 Electric ChainsawThis chainsaw has a motor of high power of 15 Amp which augments the speed of working of this wonderful chainsaw. Its kickback guide chain and bar has been reduced and measures around 18 inches long. Its system of chain sharpening is PowerSharp which keeps its chain sharper and working for longer duration of time. Its design and structure are ergonomic which makes it light- weight as well as balanced while carrying out tasks. Its handle is comfortable over-mold and displays low vibration. Its chain brake is integrated which provides safety. This chain saw requires low maintenance and comes with two years of consumer as well as one- year professional warranty.



  1. Remington RM1425 14-Inch 8 Amp Electric Chainsaw

Remington RM1425 14-Inch 8 Amp Electric ChainsawThis light –weight and compact chainsaw is easy for all kinds of uses. Its lower kickback chain and bar is 14 inches long and has an electric motor of 8 amp which delivers powerful trimming. It has an oiler which operates with a push-button that adjusts the adequate amount of oil for lubrication. Thus, there is no need for you to worry about oiling this chainsaw just click the button and the work is done. Its adjuster for exterior chain tension makes tensioning simple for trimming. The unit comes fully assembled therefore does not require any time to be wasted in assembling.

  1. Remington Ranger RM 1025SPS 8 Amp10 – Inch Electric Chainsaw

Remington Ranger RM 1025SPS 8 Amp10 – Inch Electric ChainsawThis amazing 2-in-1 pole saw which is detachable is an ideal tool for those smaller limbs trimming which is tough to reach. Its powerful electric motor of 8 Amp runs the chainsaw with a reduced kickback which is actually 10 inches chain and bar. This chainsaw is capable of cutting branches that are 10-15 feet high which makes it brilliant chainsaw for cutting long branches while standing in an easy manner. It’s simple to flip lock clamps secure the length of the pole which comes with anti-slip grip for perfect usage. There is no requirement of tools for removing the chainsaw from pole.

  1. Husqvarna 18 – inch 450E -18SAW Gas Powered Chain

Husqvarna 18 – inch 450E -18SAW Gas Powered ChainThis is an ideal gas chainsaw which has length of 18 inches perfect for landowners who use chainsaw on an irregular basis. Its X- Torq 3.2 HP engine diminishes the harmful emissions and augments fuel efficiency of the chainsaw. It’s Low Vib which dampens vibration; through the feature of Smart Start, the efforts are minimized. Also it possesses a combined control for stop/choke. It has a system of air cleaning which is centrifugal, chain brake activated by inertia, cylinder cover that is snap lock, it is compliant with CARB. By registering online for this chainsaw you can extend your warranty from two to four years.




  1. Black Decker Max 10 inch 20V LCS 1020 Chainsaw

Black Decker Max 10 inch 20V LCS 1020 ChainsawIt comes with 20 V lithium battery of MAX which increases the run time as well as its life. It makes the time for which chainsaw remains charged 5 times longer. Its lower kickback chain and bar is 10 inches long and been made up of premium quality Oregon. Its tension system of the blade is free from tool which is ideal for quicker adjustments and thus saves precious amount of your time spent in adjusting the system. Around the bale handle, there is a wrap which enhances the grip as well as makes it easy to handle this chainsaw while using.




  1. Husqvarna 60cc 24 inch 966048324 460 Chainsaw

Husqvarna 60cc 24 inch 966048324 460 ChainsawThis 24 inches gas chainsaw is powered by gas and have a motor of 460 Rancher which is 60 CC 3.62 HP. It possesses 2 cycle engine and its chain brake is activated by inertia and has LowVib Features which enhances the comfort and safety of this device. Smart Start which is Air Purge offers easy starting. So, you do not need to try many attempts for starting this chainsaw. Its chain tensioner is side mounted which makes its designing and structure distinct from other chainsaws in the similar section. It gets delivered to you in an easy-to-open packaging which keeps it safe.

  1. WORX 14.5 Amp 16-Inch WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw

WORX 14.5 Amp 16-Inch WG303.1 Electric ChainsawWORX chainsaw comes with a motor output of 14.5 Amp that gives a wonderful cutting performance alike to the gas chainsaws used by homeowners, ranchers and farmers. Unique chain system of auto tension that is patented averts over tightening. This is an added advantage as it maintains the right tension in the chain which remains ideal for many uses. It has lower kickback bar as well as inbuilt chain brake which delivers added safety. It is having automatic oil lubrication which lubricates the chain system on its own and inbuilt oil reservoir having an indicator of window level. Its packaging includes manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years.

  1. Black Decker 40V LCS1240 Max 12 inch Chainsaw

Black Decker 40V LCS1240 Max 12 inch ChainsawThis chainsaw includes 40V MAX battery of lithium ion that delivers longer duration of runtime and enhances the overall life of this amazing chainsaw. Thus you can use this wonderful chainsaw for not only longer time duration but also for more number of years. It is having Oregon chain and low-kickback of around 12 inches. It comes with an automated oiling system which lubricates the chainsaw on its own when required. It is actually having chain tensioning which is tool free, thus it becomes easy for making any adjustments in the chain. With all these added features this one surely become very popular amongst the users.




  1. Greenworks 16- inch G-MAX 20312 Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 16- inch G-MAX 20312 Cordless ChainsawIt comes with the premium power of brushless motor DigiPro technology which can make 100 cuts on a single charge. It includes charger and 4AH battery. This chainsaw is the best electric chainsaw as it is quite compatible with the GreenWorks 40V Li-Ion G-MAX system which offers a wide range of tools for use. Its brushless motor develops 30% extra torque which delivers the greatest performance of cutting. This design and structure of motor leads to 70% reduced vibration which delivers comfort to the user while working. It comes with kickback chain as well as chain brake enhances the safety of the user.