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Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic GuitarsIt is a famous saying that to cut a tree you need the sharpest knife similarly, the tools of any trade can make the significant difference in the results. A musician’s tools are vital for his long-term success. Choosing a high-quality and authentic guitar can enhance the quality of the final product substantially. Acoustic Guitar is one of the most beloved and known musical instrument in the modern world. The soft melancholy notes produced by an Acoustic Guitar set the ambiance for a top quality song. In this list, we would be sharing reviews for some of the best rated Acoustic Guitars of 2016.

Whether you are a professional or have music in your fingers waiting to be unleashed in either case, the quality of the guitar can make you a success story or leave you stranded without appreciation. It is difficult to make an educated choice without having the proper understanding of what you need to look for in an Acoustic Guitar. Therefore before go into the detailed reviews we would like to share some tips that would help you get a top quality guitar at a decent price.

  • There is nothing like a single perfect guitar. Acoustic guitars come in all shape and sizes and you need to feel the instrument in your hands to understand whether it fits your need perfectly or not. Select a guitar give it a few strums and then move to a different one to get the feel of different instruments in your hand.
  • Beginners should go for a low-action guitar to practice it would help them develop their skills without getting too complicated while some professionals prefer higher action to achieve a more impactful sound.
  • Every guitar is different and would produce a slightly different sound due to its unique construction and material used. Use your ears to experiment with different guitars and choose the one that sounds right to you.
  • If you are buying Acoustic Guitar for kids then it is a much better idea to go for laminated wood guitars which do not mature with age and come at a decent price. While the Acoustic Guitar for adults tends to be made out of solid wood that product much richer and resonant tones.
  • Visual appearance can tell you a lot about a guitar. Acoustic guitars with heavier finishes tend to produce mediocre quality sound while the guitars with natural and grainy finished tend to produce much richer and authentic sound.

#10 Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar

Rogue Starter Acoustic GuitarRogue Starter is specifically designed to help your kids chase their passion in the music. This beautiful rich red guitar has 7/8 size, perfect for little kids who want to gain expertise on a professional guitar. Despite its basic construct, it produces rich tones that would get your kids attuned to quality music since their beginning. Rosewood Fretboard lends this beautiful guitar convenience letting your child focus on learning. Maple neck and martin strings add a deeper flavor to the music making it a perfect learning guitar for kids aspiring to become good at music.

Rogue Starter has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon that is testament to the high-quality of this beautiful guitar. Its rich red color would add that cool factor to your child’s life as they take their first steps towards music.

#9 ADM 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar Kit

ADM 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar KitADM is a great beginner’s to kit to get all requisites of learning to play acoustic guitar. The guitar in this top-quality kit has a dreadnought body that produces more authentic and richer sound. The kit includes a 41” inch acoustic guitar, stand, strap, tuner, and one set of strings. The maple fingerboard provides added comfort and durability to the guitar. ADM has created a perfect package to let the budding musician start their journey on the right foot.

The high value of ADM package has made it one of the most in-demand acoustic guitar packages currently available on the market. Its decent performance and high value have helped it earn 3.8-star rating on Amazon.


#8 Crescent MG38-CF 38” Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Crescent MG38-CF 38” Acoustic Guitar Starter PackageThis is one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners. Its compact size (38 inches), solid build, geared tuning, and steel strings make it a perfect gift for the beginners before they go towards more expensive stuff. The solid construction of this amazing guitar can withstand the hard use without breakage. This beautiful guitar is perfect for country, bluegrass, jazz or unplugged rock. This is a real piece of music that you can get your hands on and become a true master at your craft.

Its compact size and guitar strap make it perfect for traveling musician as well. The decent price of this quality beginner’s guitar has earned it the 8th position on our list and has a respectable 3.5-stars rating on Amazon.


#7 Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle

The Fender Bundle contains everything that you may need to start practicing on a professional level acoustic guitar. The bundle includes Hard Case, Tuner, Pics, Instructional DVDs, and a polishing cloth. This is a professional grade 41” inch guitar that would look right at home in the hands of the professionals while has a basic construct that is perfect for beginners. Fender guitar has a 20-fret to provide you with a perfect range to produce your music.

This is a perfect acoustic guitar for dummies who have never laid hands on a piece of professional music instrument. The instructional DVDs are very high quality and would provide you with the basics to get familiar with your guitar. The high-quality design and high value of this acoustic guitar have earned it solid 4.5 stars on Amazon.

#6 Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG700S Acoustic GuitarYamaha is known for its high-quality acoustic guitars, FG700S is no different when it comes to the top standards of Yamaha. FG700S is a perfect acoustic guitar for beginners at an affordable price. This 6 strings guitar would provide the beginners with a perfect base to get acquainted with a professional guitar. It’s an amazing guitar to begin your journey, the deluxe features such as die-cast tuners, spruce top, and rosewood fretboard help it create authentic and beautiful tones.

The natural wood textured color makes it stand out on the stage. Due to all of its amazing features, we have placed Yamaha FG700S at 6th spot, while its high-quality performance has landed it 4.7 stars on Amazon.


#5 Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic GuitarDR-100 is the leading seller from Epiphone. It contains all the basics needed to create amazing music and develop your skills as a beginner. This beautiful acoustic guitar’s black tones lend it a unique and cool look that all rock stars seek in their instrument. The spruce top and mahogany back provide perfect projection and richer tones while playing any song. Its balanced expression, beautiful exterior, and quality build have made it a fan favorite.

DR-100 is the perfect creation of Epiphone that would leave you gushing with pleasure as you let your fingers drift on its rosewood fingerboard. DR-100 is currently enjoying 4.5-star rating on Amazon and its superb performance has landed it at 5th position in our list.


#4 Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic GuitarJasmine S-34 gets full style points for its Venetian cut look and comfortable feel in the hand. This stylish guitar is capable of producing silky sounds would add a new level of beauty to your music. Its well-built design, slim neck and 25 1/2” scale length makes it one of the best acoustic guitars you can find on the market. The spruce top along with Sapele back and sides create smoother sounds with richer quality. This stunning guitar is built for professionals and provides amazing value that no other guitar on the market can beat.  Jasmine S-34 has rated 4.4-stars by the buyers on Amazon and its impressive performance has earned it a highly respectable 4th position on our list.


#3 Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarOne of the top selling acoustic guitars on Amazon, S35 is another amazing creation from Jasmine. This is the best instrument that beginners and seasoned professionals can get their hands on. The fine craftsmanship is on full display in this amazing instrument. S35 has a slim neck with a full 25 ½” scale providing the beginners with authentic sounds. The guitar has a velvety smooth finish that creates resonance and depth in the sounds produced by this amazing guitar. The rosewood fingerboard, chrome tuners and very comfortable shape has earned 4.4-stars review despite thousand of reviews.


#2 Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar BundleAnother great package by Fender containing a high-quality dreadnought guitar, Gig bag, Picks, Strings, and tuners. This exceptional package provides amazing value for beginners and provides them with an opportunity to learn on a professional instrument. The amazing spruce top lets you create amazing and authentic sounds while providing you with amazing durability. The delicious dark body would give you that funky rock-star feel. It’s a full sized guitar intended for adults who wish to try their hand at guitars.

A solid 4.5-stars rating on Amazon despite hundreds of views is a testament to the quality and performance of this amazing instrument. All of these amazing features and a unique look have made it the runner-up on our list.


#1 Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic GuitarFinally, we present an Acoustic guitar that combines perfect looks with perfect performance. The beautiful Dreadnought style and amazing wood textured finish make it one of the most comfortable guitars available on the market. This beautiful guitar is perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike. When it comes to sound OG2SM produces the sweetest, richest, and most authentic tones. Its meticulous looks would take your breath away as you gaze at its beauty for the first time.

In addition to amazing sound and beautiful looks, it gives amazing value. Looking at the guitar you would be impressed by its amazing build quality and amazing performance. Its 4.6-star rating on Amazon is enough to tell you the level of satisfaction this amazing instrument has been able to provide to hundreds of buyers.