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Baby Bath Tubs

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Baby Bath TubsBaby bath tubs are specially designed for the infants and the parents to be able to make bath time a lot of fun and safe at the same time. The best baby bath tubs are designed in such a way that they can be easily used for newborn babies as well as for infants. The bathtub for a baby must be made from soft material and must be durable to withstand the games that babies play in the bath tub. For practical reasons, the baby bath tub must be made from light materials so that they can be easily moved and carried.



Features to look out for:

Baby Bathtubs are generally designed for new born babies to the age of 24-month-old. They must be safe, easy to use and adaptable to suit the growing stages of the infant. The best baby bathtub will be made from a soft light material, have support for the baby and practical to use to make it easy for the parents. To make a choice a person needs to take into consideration the following features:

  • Price is very important because it will be a tool that the family will only use for a short period of time in the child’s life and what will suit the family’s pocket.
  • The functions that the baby bathtub will offer. Some will offer more than others but then the price will also differ.
  • What extra equipment is supplied with the baby bath tub.
  • The manufacturer of the baby bath tub makes sure that it is a reputable company and that the baby bath tub will last the 24 months that it will be required.
  • Dimensions are important for both practical reasons and the babies comfort.
  • Material that has been used to make the baby bath tub.
  • What other options the supplier can offer. Extras such as bathing bowls or perhaps cute toys for the baby to play with.

4Moms infant Tub

4Moms infant TubThe 4Moms infant Tub is not like the traditional tubs which hold water and allows the baby to have great splashing fun but the water also gets dirty. The 4Moms infant tub is specially designed to keep your baby clean by having continuously running water and the temperature can easily be monitored by the built-in digital thermometer which is colour coded to make sure that water is kept at the best temperature for the baby. The bath has side drains that allow the dirty water to flow out and it is then filled from the clean water reservoir.

The tubs main feature is the built in thermometer which gives you the peace of mind that the water is just right for the baby. The tub fits easily on most one sink or two sink installations and with the multiple drains is easy to clean compared to the conventional baby tubs that hold water. It does not, however, have as many stoppers to hold a small baby but once the baby is older it is perfect. It also requires some AA batteries for the thermometer and the price is on the high side.

Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Centre

Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath CentreThis baby bath tub is specifically designed for babies from newborn to toddler and designed to take into consideration the 4 stages of a baby from small to a toddler using a normal bath.  This baby bath tub with sprayer comes with a motorised shower which can be used to wash the baby down while they are being washed.

Stage 1 is for a newborn baby in a sling in the sink, the 2nd stage is with the newborn sling in the baby tub with the shower on the outside. Stage 3 the baby is in the tub and with the shower and for stage 4 the removable shower unit can be removed and be used in a normal bath until the toddler is much older.

The Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Centre is built sturdily with smooth sides and a slightly textured bottom so that the toddler will not slip. This makes the baby bath tub very easy to clean and with the detachable motorised shower allows it to be used for longer than conventional bathtubs.

Skip Hop

Skip Hop baby bathThe Skip Hop baby bath is ergonomically designed to suit babies through 3 stages of the early growing up years. It has two sling positions one higher for full body support and one lower for seated support. It is a dual layered mesh which cradles the baby from head to toe.

The three stages are stage 1, 0-3 months, stage 2 3-6 months and stage 3 6+ months. Once the baby is able to sit on their own then it is advisable to remove the sling completely.

The slings are made from Polyester and are designed in such a way to give the newborn baby full body support and when the baby is learning to sit the sling is attached to the lower body to secure the baby while they are learning to sit. The great feature of the baby tub is the fact that it is designed like a hammock which cradles the baby and with the mesh design is more comfortable and better support for the baby. The reviews on this product are great and the price is very competitive.

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling n Seat Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling n Seat TubThe Fisher-Price 4-in-1 now has an added feature and that is the “Sit-Me-Up support to help unsteady sitters. For new born babies the sling makes sure that the baby is gently cradled in just enough water which gives the little one that extra security. The tub also adapts as the needs change for both Mother and Baby. When the baby grows the tub also grows by taking out the newborn baby sling and add the stage 2 baby stopper insert. The baby will then be at a gentle recline on a soft foam surface which prevents any slipping. The stage 2 stopper converts a Sit-Me-Up support which helps those toddlers who are unsteady but still allows the parents to have full access for washing the Toddler. Once the baby outgrows the stopper stage and can comfortably sit then the tub converts to a roomy bathtub.

The price is a bit more expensive than some of the competitors but the product is of high quality and with its versatility is well worth the small extra cost.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a TubThis is a very cute bath tub that makes bath time extreme fun and very safe for the baby. Like other baby bath tubs, it is also designed to grow as the baby grows through the different stages. The bath tub for baby has soft foam cushions which keep newborn babies to infants safe and the recline is expertly designed to allow the right amount of water and as the baby grows older there is a baby stopper to stop any sliding and slipping. As the toddler is able to support their own weight the stopper is easily removed to present

With the smooth sides and quick draining, this baby bath tub is easy to drain and clean. After this review and what this baby bath tub offers it is cheap and this would be an excellent choice for parents to consider. It is a simply adorable design with all the safety features that any parent would want.

Primo EuroBath

Primo EuroBathPrimo EuroBath has designed this baby bath tub with a unique anatomical design which ensures that the baby is kept at the ideal position for bathing. It has safety posts that stop the baby from slipping and as the baby grows. It has two positions which reclining position for the new born baby and the sitting position for babies that are able to support their won weight until they are 24 months old.

This is the largest baby bath tub and is probably one of the best bathtubs on the market. It has excellent safety features such as the unique contoured shape which supports the baby’s back, arms and legs which prevent the baby from slipping in the water. It is made from recyclable polypropylene which is free from any harmful materials such as lead, PVC, BPA and it is Non-Toxic.

The way this bath tub is designed it is like gaining an extra pair of hands and is definitely the first smart bath. It has the top ratings and with that, it also has an unbelievable cheap price under $30.