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Air MattressesAir mattresses are a convenient and cheap alternative to conventional beds. Modern manufacturing technique and creative designing have brought air mattresses very close to conventional beds in terms of comfort and durability. Air mattresses bring the added benefit of compactness and affordability. Having an extra bed for guests can also help a great deal in holiday seasons. In this review, we would be presenting reviews for some of the best air mattresses currently available on the market. The review would use features such as durability, cost, comfort, and storage for the ranking purposes. Before we go into the detailed review of some of the top air mattresses of 2016/2017, it is important to outline some benefits and tips when it comes to the choice of the air mattress.

  • Durability is the biggest consideration when it comes to air mattresses. A low-quality air mattress would become damaged very quickly and easily.
  • Comfort is another important aspect that should not be compromised in favor of durability; a fully functional and comfortable bed would provide much comfortable and fulfilling experience.
  • A good quality air mattress should be easy to blow and must have a convenient size so it can be stored easily.
  • The material of the mattress also plays a significant role when it comes to comfort.

#10 Coleman Premium Air bed

Coleman Premium Air bedColeman Premium is queen size air mattress designed for comfort. This beautiful air mattress provides a plush sleeping surface to provide your guests with extra comfort. Soft suede surface eliminates the slipperiness of polyester and creates a firmer and more comfortable area for sleeping. The built-in pump would get the bed ready within minutes so you don’t have to keep your guests waiting. Coleman premium comes with an extra feature of double lock valve to ensure that the bed retains its firmness and does not get soft overnight. Coleman is a perfect queen size air mattress. Built-in pump, strong construction, and ability to support the total weight of 600 lbs have earned it a 4.1-star rating on Amazon.


#9 Intex Dura-Beam Airbed

Intex Dura-beam is a queen size air mattress that is made to last. Its high-strength fibers give it amazing strength and durability. The air mattress comes with a built-in air pump that can be used to easily and conveniently blow or deflate the bed. A perfect and convenient solution when you need to accommodate extra guests. The sleeping surface is covered with soft flocking to provide extra comfort. The Dura-beam technology adjusts to the weight of the sleeper in order to provide softer sleeping surface without completing sagging on itself. Intex Dura-beam is a perfect air mattress for kids as well as guests. Its top quality build, high value, and the convenience of a built-in pump have helped it make it to the 9th spot in our list while it has earned a solid 4.2-star rating on Amazon.


#8 Insta_Bed Ez Bed Air Mattress

Insta_Bed Ez Bed Air MattressThere are certain air mattresses which pack so many features that they can match conventional beds in terms of comfort and value; Insta-bed is one such air mattress. This queen size air mattress is packed with features that are guaranteed to make your nights great. Insta-bed has a compact design that folds in on itself for convenient storage. The structure at the bottom makes it a perfect air mattress for camping. NeverFlat pump technology inflates the air mattress within minutes while the second pump constantly monitors the air and maintains an optimum pressure. The 3 inflation modes ensure that you get the perfect firmness level. Insta-bed has earned 8th spot on our list due to its amazing features and high value.


#7 Intex Ultra Plush Airbed

Intex Ultra Plush AirbedUltra Plush Airbed combines comfort and convenience in a single high-value product. This amazing Air-mattress avoids all the fancy stuff and goes for a simple traditional look that concentrates more on functionality and storage. The beautifully designed sleeping surface provides a comfortable sleeping experience. Ultra Plus Air mattress comes with an inbuilt pump that can inflate the bed within 4 minutes. This high-quality air mattress can be easily stored in a duffel bag while not in use. Ultra Plush is simple, very comfortable, durable and very cheap making it a perfect air mattress for home use. Its simplicity and perfect performance have earned Intex 7th rank on our list.



#6 Serta Raised Air mattress

Serta Raised Air mattressSerta is one of the best selling air mattresses. Twin and queen sized air mattress are designed to provide perfect comfort and durability. Serta comes with NeverFlat technology that ensures that your air mattress constantly retains its shape and air pressure. The primary air pump can inflate the air mattress within 4 minutes while the secondary pump constantly monitors and adjusts the pressure. The sleeping surface is made of a durable yet comfortable flock material to ensure added comfort and also keep the bed sheet in place. Made out of durable material that is puncture and waterproof. The extra durability, neverFlat technology, and comfortable sleeping area have climbed this air mattress to 6th position in our list.


#5 Aero Bed Air Mattress

Aero Bed Air MattressAero-Bed is specifically designed for children. Its 50/25 inches size is perfect for providing them a comfortable bed while camping or sleeping at the relative. The high-quality built-in AC pump inflates the air mattress within minutes and the heavy duty PVC seams protect it against any kind of leakage or tear. The durable design would serve you perfectly for years to come. The bed has slightly raised sides that protect the child from rolling off as they sleep. Aero-bed is one of the best air mattresses for kids. Its 4.5-star rating on Amazon and thousands of satisfied customers have earned it the 6th spot on our list.

#4 Intex Pillow Raised Air Mattress

Intex Pillow Raised Air MattressAnother amazing Air-mattress from Intex designed especially for camping and traveling. This beautiful twin air mattress is made out of high-quality polyester that is designed to withstand hard use. Slightly raised sides of Intex provide the comfort of pillows while the quality sleeping surface keeps you comfortable. Intex Air mattress comes with an in-built pump that can inflate the bed within minutes creating a perfect bed for even the weariest sleepers. Double layered construction protects the air mattress against any kind of punctures and provides extra firmness. Intex’s amazing quality and high value have made it one of the highest selling twin air mattresses on the market. Its compact size and super high value have earned this amazing mattress 4th spot on our list.


#3 Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Raised Air MattressInsta-Bed has it all when it comes to quality and performance. This amazing air mattress is packed with features that would force you put your money on it. The patented NeverFlat technology utilizes the power of dual air pumps to inflate and constantly monitor the air level in the mattress. Highly comfortable suede surface keeps you firmly in place as you enjoy a peaceful slumber. Insta-bed utilizes highly efficient 35 circular coils to create comfortable support for your entire body. Insta-bed can easily fit into a duffle bag, which makes it perfect for travel, camping as well as home use. Despite being packed with amazing features Insta-bed can be yours at a very affordable price. The Amazing value of insta-bed and high level of comfort has made it buyer’s favorite on Instagram with thousands of satisfactory reviews. All of these amazing features have put Insta-bed at prestigious 3rd position in our list.

#2 Simply Sleeper SS-89Q Inflatable Mattress

Simply Sleeper SS-89Q Inflatable MattressSimply Sleeper takes comfort and durability to new heights. It is a revolutionary air mattress that is packed with features, which would make you ditch your conventional bed and move to this highly comfortable air mattress. Simply-Sleep is made out of one of a kind Thermal Regulating Polyester that provides the next level of comfort. The patented built-in dual pumps inflate the mattress within 3 minutes. The three layered construction makes this amazing air mattress extra durable and resistant against any kinds of puncture or water damage. Soft to touch material provides you a soothing sensation as you lay upon it. Simply Sleepy has been designed to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing sleep that all other air mattresses can only dream of. The amazing material, solid support, and next level of comfort have earned it 4.2-stars rating on Amazon and made it the runner-up on our list.

#1 Sound Sleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Sound Sleep Dream Series Air MattressLeading the pack at #1 Sound Sleep Dream Series Air-Mattress transcends all level of comfort and provides an amazing product packed with all the features one could imagine at a highly affordable price. It comes with Comfort Coil technology that provides full body support as you lay on it. You would be able to inflate and deflate this amazing mattress with a single click using its patented built-in pumps. Sound Sleep is designed to provide extreme comfort without compromising on the quality or value of the air mattress. This queen sized air-mattress measures at 78”X58”X19” and includes sure grip at the bottom to keep the mattress fixed in its position. Extra thick flocked top is soft to touch that enhances the comfort level even further. Sound Sleep is an amazing air-mattress that has earned the top spot due to its amazing durability, comfort, value, and innovative design that leaves the rest of the competition in the dust.