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10 Best 3D Printers

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There are certain technologies which have the potential to change the face of the world. 3D printing is considered to be a revolutionary invention that can completely transform the way we interact with the world. It is one of the most rapidly developing technologies of the modern world. 3D printing has the potential of revolutionizing industry, healthcare, and food. Hundreds of projects are currently underway to develop this technology to a commercial scale. Thanks to this rapid development 3D printers have become cheaper and more compact making them available for average consumers.

Owning a 3D printer in 2016 can open a world of possibilities for you. Whether you are a designer, teacher, researcher, or scientist 3D printing is arguably the best piece of technology that you can get your hands on. With a top quality 3D printer, you can print model of your favorite figurines, phone cases, musical instrument, and several other kinds of things. The possibilities of 3D printing are only limited to your imagination.

Below we would be providing you “reviews” for some of the best 3d printers currently available on the market. The review would concentrate on aspects such as size, speed, cost, assembly, and design to provide you with a clear understanding about where you should invest your money. Because 3D printing is a relatively new technology, therefore, it is essential to discuss some aspects that you as a casual tech enthusiast need to look into before deciding on a 3D printer.

  • Decide between cheaper but less accurate FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers or expensive but highly accurate SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) printers.
  • Go for completely assembled printers if you are unconcerned about the budget but go for self-assembly 3D printer accessories kit if you wish to keep the price low.
  • Use ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) 3D printer filament material if you desire better quality and go for PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) if you desire environmentally friendly printing.
  • The community is another important aspect that should determine your choice about a particular brand of 3D printer. A strong and vibrant community would mean higher potential of getting quality premade models and online support.

#10 Cube 3D Printer

Cube 3D Printer

Cube 3 is perfect for dealing with fairly large objects; it has the capability to print objects at 70 microns that create consistent and good quality prints. It can also print in dual colors that add further possibilities to your 3D printing capacities. No need to worry about wires as Cube 3 can print your designs wirelessly from Smartphone using its Cubify app. Cube 3 can handle both PLA as well as ABS materials. It has a solid design that would provide you a stable platform for all your 3D printing needs.

The wireless feature, brass nozzle, solid design, and reasonable price are some of the aspects that make Cube 3 a worthy contender for your money. 3.2 star Amazon rating is another aspect that you should keep in mind when buying this amazing printer.

#9 HICTOP Prusa I3 MK8 Self-Assembly 3D Printer

HICTOP Prusa I3 MK8 Self-Assembly 3D Printer

Cheap price and amazing printing quality are the key selling points that make this printer a perfect choice for all your 3D printing needs. Whether you are looking for a 3D printer for kids or you are a professional designer looking to create miniature models of your creation this amazing product can do it all. The liberty to choose PLA, ABS, and other numerous materials let the users create complex models and objects. The assembly instructions are fairly clear and available in a comprehensive video guide.

When it comes to Control board then HICTOP packs an ATmega2560 that can also support dual extruders if you wish to make any upgrades in the future. A quality 3D printer Control Board, cheap price, and good quality printing are some of the aspects that have landed this amazing product a 3.9-star rating on Amazon.

#8 ALUNAR 3D Desktop Printer i3 Self-Assembly

ALUNAR 3D Desktop Printer i3 Self-Assembly

One of the cheapest 3D printers currently available on the market, ALUNAR does a fairly respectable job when it comes to printing. The printer is not free of a few issues that are part of every self-assembly model but once you get all the pieces together it does an amazing job of printing. It can handle PLA as well as ABS 3D Printer Filaments along with other materials such as wood and conductive PLA. Its compact size makes it a perfect for any working desk at your office or home.

Cheap price and satisfactory printing capabilities have landed it at the 8th spot in our review while it has garnered 3.6 stars on Amazon. If you have dealt with 3D printers before and can handle the technical aspects of assembly then ALUNAR is a perfect deal for you at its price.

#7 Tiertime UP! Plus 2 3D Printer

Tiertime UP! Plus 2 3D Printer

UP! Plus 2 is a convenient and fairly cheap option to take your first step into the world of 3D printing. It is capable of handling ABS as well as PLA 3D Printer filaments that provide you the liberty to play with different materials. It comes fully assembled so you can start print right after getting it out of the box. UP! 2 is capable of printing objects as thin as 40 microns. The print result is fairly satisfactory. The open-ended design of UP! 2 lets you experience your object come to life right before your eyes. A heat shield is added to guard the user against any kind of injury.

UP! 2 is compatible with all major operating systems including windows and Mac. UP! 2 is perfect for casual fans who looking to dabble into the world of 3D printers and Scanners. Create quality models with any computer-aided-design (CAD) tool and get your own custom made objects.

#6 Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Ultimaker is a professional grade 3D printer that has the fastest print speed compared to any other product on the market. This quality product can handle layers as thin as 20 microns that provide extremely good results. Despite its smaller size the print volume is compatible to any other product on the market. Like most of the quality 3D printers available on the market Ultimaker supports a slew of different materials including PLA and ABS. The heated bed included in the printer enhances the quality of prints and provides the user with high quality objects in shortest span of time.

Smart design, numerous features and fast printing capability makes it a good option for professional designers. Its higher price is acceptable considering the high quality of print and solid build. It has managed to earn 3.3 stars on Amazon.



There are certain users who simply don’t want to dive into all the hassles and technicalities of 3D printing but rather wish for a simple product that can get the job done easily. BETHEFIRST is an amazing product that avoids all complexities and provides a convenient 3D printing experience. This device is perfect for beginners who are making their first purchase when it comes to 3D printers. BETHEFIRST prints at a decent resolution of 50 microns that creates quality objects with very few issues. With such a simple interface BETHEFIRST is a perfect 3D printer for kids.

This quality 3D printer relies on PLA filaments to print single toned objects and figurines. BETHEFIRST is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. We have placed it 5th rank due to its simple interface and satisfactory print quality along with a decent price.

Zortax M200 Pro 3D Printer

#4 Zortax M200 Pro 3D Printer

Zortax has created a solid customer base for itself due to its near perfect printing capabilities and simple interface. Zortax is one of the most convenient 3D printers currently available on the market. Unlike other 3D printers that require constant adjustment and tinkering for this amazing printer a single click is enough. Zortax prints at a resolution of 90 microns, which provides amazing results despite its slightly lower resolution. It can use both PLA as well as ABS filaments for printing objects.

The covered design provides addition security and improves the print performance substantially. This amazing product has garnered 4-star rating on Amazon due to its impressive performance and has earned 4th spot on our list.

#3 BQ WitBox 777-1000 3D Printer

BQ WitBox 777-1000 3D Printer

BQ Witbox combines solid design with solid performance to create a product that is nearly perfect. The enclosed design provides added safety while enhancing the quality of the object being printed. BQ Witbox has the largest print volume of A4X20 cm making it perfect for printing larger objects. This amazing 3D printer relies on an open source firmware that is compatible with almost all 3D rendering software. It can work with PLA filaments to create high-quality results. Its superb printing capabilities, high compatibility, and a smart interface has landed it at the 4th spot in our list. BQ Witbox is perfect for professionals as well as new time 3D printer enthusiasts.

#2 LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer

LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer

Price is usually considered to be a good indication of the quality of a product but in certain rare cases, a product is able to achieve amazing quality despite cheaper price. LulzBot is one such product its fairly cheap price is not indicative of its amazing features and near perfect print quality. Lulzbot has open source hardware meaning that it has come to you after its design has been tested by thousands of individuals across the globe. It has dual Extruders that significantly improve the speed and quality of the print. In addition to faster printing its compact size makes it perfect for offices.

The biggest selling point for Lulzbot is its consistent performance. 3D printing is still in its developing phase but products like LulzBot are taking the convenience of 3D printing to new heights. LulzBot has a solid 4.6-star rating on Amazon primarily due to its amazing performance with PLA filaments and perfect print quality.

#1 FlashForge 3D Printer

FlashForge 3D Printer

Finally, at the conclusion of our Review, we share the best 3D printer you can buy in 2016/2017. FlashForge is a solid machine that can deal with all kinds of 3D printing requirements. It has a solid metal frame design that eliminates the risk of warping and interference when printing. The heated metal bed provides a perfect platform for ABS 3D printing. Its dual extruders provide a fast and consistent printing experience. The biggest feature that many other 3D printers lack is the solid printing community created by FlashForge. Full lifestyle support extended by FlasForge’s team would ensure that you never get stuck.

With a solid design, consistent printing capability, strong community support, and capability to handle multiple platforms and materials Flash Forge is the best 3D Printer at its price. FlashForge has earned solid 4.6-stars on Amazon and the top position in our list.